July 21st, 2006

The Hypocrisy of Google’s User Experience Policies


Explain this — Google is penalizing AdWords advertisers “who are providing a low quality user experience on their landing pages,” and yet Google just signed a deal with GoDaddy.com to run AdSense on parked domains (via JenSense):

Now, GoDaddy is offering customers the ability to run AdSense for Domains on their parked pages – for a fee – and those customers can then make money from the ads on the parked pages. Essentially, GoDaddy will share a cut of the click revenue with their customers, but will charge customers a fee for the privelege.

The program is called CashParking. And the monthly fee is scaled depending on what percentage of GoDaddy’s revenue you want to keep. It is worth noting that GoDaddy is sharing the revenue they earn from Google, so Google will still be earning money from each click on a parked domain page.

Here’s how Google describes its AdSense for Domains program:

AdSense® for domains allows domain name registrars and large domain name holders to unlock the value in their parked page inventory. AdSense for domains delivers targeted, conceptually related advertisements to parked domain pages by using Google’s semantic technology to analyze and understand the meaning of the domain names. Our program uses ads from the Google AdWords™ network, which is comprised of thousands of advertisers worldwide and is growing larger everyday. Google AdSense for domains targets web sites in over 25 languages, and has fully localized segmentation technology in over 10 languages.

And here’s the fantastic user experience that you get:

AdSense for Domains

There’s a reason why in 2Q06 Google had a profit of $721 million on $2.46 billion in revenues — but it has nothing to do with “providing a great user experience” (good old Google search notwithstanding).

  • Sal
    Parked domains have never been in the search network, Always part of the content network. That’s why their parking program is called AdSense for domains, and not Google Search for Domains.

    Hello Kalena,

    Thank you for your request for an invalid click investigation. My team and I have completed our review of your report. We appreciate your patience as we looked into this matter.

    Please be aware that the landing.domainsponsor.com sites that you mentioned are members of our Google AdSense for domains ( http://www.google.com/domainpa.... Using Google's contextual targeting technology, AdSense for domains shows AdWords ads on parked domain name pages.

    We've found that AdWords ads showing on parked domain name pages often receive clicks from well-qualified leads within the advertisers' markets. As a result, the return on investment for these pages can be comparable to that of search pages. To determine the value of traffic you've received from parked domain name pages, we recommend you monitor your conversion rate.....

    The Google Click Quality Team"

    If it's part of adsense today it's quite new as the following email is from Nov 8 2005.

  • FXDomainer

    Would like to clarify my last post.
    You can opt out of AOL traffic by opting out of "search network"
    you can opt out of domain traffic by opting out of "content network"
    I dont know how long "search network" opt out option has been in there, but "content network" option has been there for a long time now. I will admit that as a large buyer of Adwords from Google (spending 6 to 7 figures per month) There is no benefit to opting out. When viewing ROI on the large scale, there is more money to be made having your ads shown across the whole network, and that's the bottom line we all count.

  • FXDomainer

    ""I would add here that just as you cannot opt out from AOL traffic without keeping the domain channel afloat you cannot do the opposite. Just as much as you cannot track keywords on AOL conversions seperately you cannot on the domain channel. This is not an issue of the domain channel specifically but of “search partners” in general. ""

    Of course you can opt out of domain traffic, that option has always been inside Google's AdWords. Do your research Sal. Many top corporations that advertise on Google.com are not and have not been in a very long time syndicated on domain parked results.

    Readung your posts again clearly shows us that you dont know jack about inner workings of Google.

  • FXDomainer

    "" Or are parked domains in the Search Network? And if so, why are they in the “Search Network” — that would seem to be “search” by a pretty narrow definition. ""

    Parked domains have never been in the search network, Always part of the content network. That's why their parking program is called AdSense for domains, and not Google Search for Domains. Using several sophisticated tools we have been able to determine that AdSense for domains has a significantly lower prices per click as compared to Google's Search and Google's Search network. All this you can do yourself and see the difference in prices.

  • Sal

    That's where most people don't understand the nature of domains. I said before, if our SE traffic dies tomorrow it will hardly effect our traffic. The reason for that is that people search via domains. They type keywords without spaces, add a .com at the end, and press enter. This is simply just human nature, no tricks or anything on our side, we just own good domains that people type to get to their destination.
    Search your favorite engine what "type in" traffic is or "direct navigation". That will explain it.

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