January 9th, 2007

Apple’s iPhone And The Head Rush Of REAL Innovation


Instances of REAL innovation are so painfully rare, so few and far between. There’s so much HYPE, so much hollow, empty promise, it just weights you down — but there’s nothing like the head rush of experiencing real innovation — and that’s exactly what Apple delivered to today with the wildly anticipated and obsessively hyped iPhone (from the superhuman Engadget live blog of Steve Job’s Macworld keynote):

Apple iPhone

The 19th century aesthetistician Walter Pater wrote:

All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music, because, in its ideal, consummate moments, the end is not distinct from the means, the form from the matter, the subject from the expression

Apple and Google are the two companies with the greatest talent for innovation in this spirit — innovation that achieves true “elegance.” Google Search and AdWords are elegant. iPod is elegant.

And the iPhone is indeed elegant. And obvious — true innovation is exquisitely obvious.

Google may be the great money making machine, but as to innovation, we are all living in Apple’s shadow now.

And DESIGN is now a key differentiator at the convergence of media and technology. That’s why Google, with its elegant and obsessively copied search interface design, and Apple, with the virtuoso design of everything it touches, are the dominant forces.

That’s why Jason Calacanis is searching for the top web designers.

Design. Elegance. Simplicity. Innovation. That’s where it’s at.

  • Scott, couldn't agree more, I only have one question: Do you think design, elegance, simplicity and innovation are really separate ideas or are they steps along the path to innovation?

  • Scott! Out of everything I read you captured my thoughts perfectly. Thank you (yet again).

    Sebhelyesfarku - feature sets alone do not make a product whole. UI, implementation, design, ... all contribute to the product. I have yet to see anything (anything!) like this on the market. Not even close.

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Innovation? Remix. I use a smartphone since last May with synchronised address book, push email, music player, Safari-based browser, Google Map, IM client, wheather, widgets, 3Mpx camera etc. (Nokia N80). Maybe in the US it's something new, because every moron gets cheap crap phones with subscription there, but nothing new in Europe.

  • Michal/Zone, Google is a money making machine because it sells other people's stuff, and there's unlimited demand and supply.

  • So beautiful ... and *every* rumor turned out to be true. How about that?

    Zone - I expect that Google's stratospheric market value vs. Apple's has to do with the fact that Apple sells stuff while Google sells air. It's hard to judge the demand for air...

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