June 12th, 2008

Google Friend Connect Disabled By Facebook


Google is taking a big shot at Facebook in the PR war over data portability and social network interoperability. I signed in to Google Friend Connect, implemented on the Go2Web2.0 blog, and saw this:

Google Friend Connect Diabled By Facebook

Normally, you wouldn’t list a service that isn’t a partner, but in this case Google chose to list Facebook and let users know loud and clear that they can’t connect to their friends on Facebook because the feature has been DISABLED BY FACEBOOK.

This is subtle in some ways, but in others it’s as big a smack as Apple’s brilliant I’m a Mac, I’m a PC ads.

Google is betting that hell hath no fury like a user denied access.

Probably a good bet.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with this post.

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  3. Thanks you’ve just made my day. That’s such a beautifully restrained dig, Wilde would be proud.

  4. Scott you are quite right about the scorn of users denied features they previously had access to. It turns out that the national media (print and blog) also love the type of behavior Facebook has exhibited in your current piece. The best example of massive user revolt combined with seriously negative national press came to Facebook last year over Beacon. Louise Story in the New York Times took Facebook to task in 3 different pieces. Reportedly several hundred thousand users fled Facebook over Beacon.

    In our 2007 User Experienced Design Review http://www.mauronewmedia.com/pdf/MAURO-UED-2007.pdf we rated Facebook Beacon as one of the major user experience missteps of the year. In order to be successful social networking sites must offer users a careful balance between simplicity and control. Facebook cannot seem to get this balance right.

  5. Facebook is “off da chain” since it was mentioned in conjunction with the presidential primaries. The site also overwhelms members with all sorts of add-ons by third parties – including disclaimers; the new owners are smothering members with “censorship” and self-determined activities.

  6. It’s clear there’s going to be a head-to-head war between the giants on this one. Facebook want the world to adjust to their standards and write apps, whereas Google are trying to attack using their own forte.

    Currently Facebook have the advantage as Friend Connect is simply too new. The question is, what does Facebook really have to lose from allowing Friend Connect (except for losing face)?

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  8. ….a wolf wearing sheep’s clothes! Google is the wolf and Open Social the sheep’s clothes. Google is heading for ‘world wide web’ domination…the same way like Microsoft has done to the desktop. I think, it takes guts to stand up against Google, but economically, I don’t think it’s a sustainable strategy!

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