June 15th, 2009

WordPress & SocialVibe: Blogging Gone Good


New York venture capitalist Fred Wilson is one of the most prolific and renown bloggers on the web.  And if you go his blog, avc.com, you’ll notice that (like most blogs) he runs advertising to generate revenues.  But what many of you may not know is that all the proceeds Fred generates through his blog goes to charity.  What a concept!!  You blog for a few minutes each day, and presto!  You’re supporting your favorite charity!  Now, imagine if millions of people did this… imagine the impact we could have on the world.

Starting today, if you’re a blogger who uses WordPress, (both hosted .com as well as .org) you can do precisely that.  Through a newly-launched partnership, WordPress and SocialVibe (disclosure: I am on the board) are introducing a widget that will enable millions of bloggers that use WordPress to support their charities of choice.

With the SocialVibe widget, bloggers can donate real money to their charities without the need to dip into their own pockets.  Instead, the money is generated from brand advertisers that the bloggers self-select as the sponsor (e.g. Showtime, Sprint, Colgate, Kraft Foods, etc.).  To be more specific, once bloggers install the SocialVibe sidebar widget on their WordPress blog, money will be earned for charities every time readers engage with the widget (e.g. rating a Showtime video clip).  Bloggers can switch their cause and sponsor as often as they like, and receive regular updates from their charity about goal progress and impact.

Thus far, SocialVibe has enabled people to raise close to half a million dollars for charities in just over a year’s time.  Everyday, members are sharing their brand sponsors with millions of friends on social platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, and now WordPress to benefit one of more than 30 non-profit organizations, such as World Food Program, Children’s Miracle Network and charity: water.

What makes this partnership especially interesting is that WordPress has, up to this point, restricted any advertising on hosted accounts (with the exception of VIP accounts).  In the past they have expressed concern over advertising’s impact on spam and motivation for expression.  While these concerns no doubt still exist, there are a few facets of the SocialVibe platform that may make the advertising program more palatable:

•    The blogger can choose to engage with a brand partner or not.
•    The benefit to the blogger comes not in $ dollars (or a check), but rather in the form of a donation to a charity.
•    The ad unit, with charity graphics and links to relevant information, adds to the content of the site, rather than detracting from the experience as most advertising programs do.

So it is possible that the SocialVibe widget will motivate bloggers to create even better content and engage a larger audience, knowing that they now have a way to pool their individual influences to create positive change in the world.  And it’s important to realize that the WordPress-SocialVibe partnership is designed to align such altruistic desires with the many corporations and brands that increasingly value social responsibility.  For the brands involved, this platform provides a golden opportunity to get unique endorsements in a highly engaging manner within social media.  It’s a win for all parties involved.

For more information about the SocialVibe-WordPress widget, check out the WordPress blog post.

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  2. I’d like to see this turn into a health care sponsoring movement. Maybe then Obama would not raise taxes on the middle class, as this violates his promises, and life would go on. Maybe make a sort of money thermometer like Wikipedia did.

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  5. I guess I should take down the “Will Blog For Food” link at the same time? Which is okay I guess, since I always end up blowing my trackbacks in cheap beer.

    Seriously, while this is a great concept, I am always concerned about ‘charities’ in the generic sense. I always check out the ones I donate to – I try to avoid the ones that spend most of their income on fund-raising. I also have concerns that my charity dollars may go towards something I actually may not support. This may be a good thing net-net, but anyone participating should monitor what charities are actually involved.

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  8. I have to agree with Phil. It’s a great thing that somebody has stepped up to fuse charity and blogging, but it is very important to watch where the funds go.

    My husband and I give to several charities and work with non-profits, and I can tell you that many need the exposure of this sort of thing. I might even put a widget on my own blog, assuming of course I could choose exactly who gets the proceeds.

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  10. What a breath of fresh air. This is a great way to really pay it forward. Though I agree with Phil, I am concerned with what charities they may give it to. Also, is it just for the charities? I think it would be smart if they put an option of how much you want to send or how many charities you can send it to. The option of choosing your own charity would be great as well.

  11. WOW,

    Blogging for charity what a novel idea. I like it.

    I am not entirely sure that the addition of this widget will entice bloggers to provide better content because only the serious will make the effort. They probably don’t need the motivation so much.

    I am going to look for this widget right now. Its a real way of giving back. My reservation is mirrored throughout these comments and it’s important to be aware of your chosen charities work and what they do with your donations.


  12. Is actually a great idea to do charity and SocialVibe has enabled people to raise close to half a million dollars for charities in just over a year’s time, that is simply amazing ..

    Wonderful post.

  13. Okay so this makes me sound like a jerk, but honestly forget the charity thats just an added benefit. If I am understanding what this plugin does properly then its also a new source of traffic is it not?

  14. “They have great topics like this one on http://www.energytalkradio.com and donate 30% to charity! Check them out.”

  15. Thank you for sharing information,Indeed it will increase the exposure to the users. Great work

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  17. Thanks for the great info. I have a blog I may do just like Fred.

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