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Ryan Sholin is the Director of News Innovation for Publish2, a platform for collaborative journalism. Ryan is completely immersed in online news development, design, and evangelism. Since his start in the industry as a graduate student researching the flow of information through news organizations and the blogosphere, Ryan has made it his mission to help professional journalists get the tools, skills, and inspiration they need to inform their communities on any platform. Ryan launched his blog, Invisible Inkling, in 2005 to gather his thoughts on the future of news. He's worked as an investigative and enterprise reporter at the Oakland Tribune, an online editor at the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and at GateHouse Media, where he trained hundreds of journalists to succeed and excel on the Web. Ryan is a co-founder of Wired Journalists and a Knight News Challenge winner for ReportingOn.

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June 11th

Why we link: A brief rundown of the reasons your news organization needs to tie the Web together


Originally posted at BeatBlogging.org, a resource for journalists using social networks, blogs, and other Web tools to improve beat reporting.

Whenever I talk with news organizations of any size about linking to sources, resources and journalism that originated outside the walls of their newsroom, two questions come up: How and Why.

Well, conveniently enough, I work for Publish2, and we build tools that help answer the question of How. If your problem is that systems make adding links directly in the text of your story a difficult task, let’s solve that by adding links in widgets, sidebars, scrolling across the bottom of the browser window, blinking in 96pt red Helvetica, pushed to Twitter — wherever and however you want them.

My standing offer on How is that if the question comes up, you can talk to me and I’ll help you out.

So back to the question of Why.

Why we link: Five reasons your news organization should tie the Web together

Continue reading…

April 29th

Collaboration can’t cure #swineflu, but it can fight filter failure


Perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of activity online the last few days related to a certain not-quite-pandemic bug that’s going around.

Swine Flu.

Or, to put it in microblogging terms, #swineflu.

The wonderful thing about the ease of communication online is that anyone can start a discussion, carry it on, pass along information, retweet it, forward an e-mail, leave a comment on a blog post, or bookmark a page in a social way.

The problem, of course, is that when millions of people are desperately looking for solid, clear information, that’s when it can be the most difficult to find it. Continue reading…


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