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October 26th

High-End Brand Publishers Need to Sell Scalable Premium Ad Solutions, Not Commodity Ad Space

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Newspaper online advertising has not benefited greatly from the recent upswing in online ad spending, according to the New York Times and most of the recent newspaper company quarterly results. This is no surprise because most newspaper websites sell SPACE for commodity advertising — display ads and classifieds — and thus are hard pressed to […]

April 23rd

The Future Of Online Advertising: Entertainment vs. Information

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There are two principal ways advertisers are trying to create value for consumers on the web — and they must create value because, you know, consumers are in control. On the web, advertisers can provide entertainment or information. How effective is advertising as information on the web? See Google’s $15B in ad revenue — an […]

June 7th

Can Social Networking Make Teens Drink More Sprite?

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Now that every man, woman, and child can create their own media, and even their own media platforms, it’s not surprising that consumer brands are also creating their own platforms. So when you read that Sprite is createing a social networking platform for mobile phones, you have to smack your forehead and say, well, of […]

May 25th

AOL Targets Premium Brand Advertisers By Running Fewer Ads

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AOL announced a strategy to increase ad revenue by reducing clutter in order to attract higher CPM ads, i.e. they’re going run fewer ads (via MediaPost):

April 14th

Google Acquired DoubleClick To Create A People-Driven Advertising Platform

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I sat in on a presentation by a Google rep to a New York agency — it was a big, wet sloppy kiss. Here was Google, king of impersonal, self-serve online ad efficiency up to its eyeballs in gooey “relationship building.” It’s no accident that Google’s New York office has more humans than servers. This […]

December 4th

Beware the Digital Generation’s BS Detector

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Here’s some deep irony to start the week — the digital generation is more likely than older generations to think that brands who put consumers in control of their brand messages (i.e. consumer-generated advertising) in an effort to be more “authentic” are actually full of s–t. According to a new American Marketing Association survey (via […]

December 4th

Brands As Media

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Here’s a statistic to put a chill the heart of any online content or web app business looking to ride the wave of consumer advertising shifting online (via AdAge): Corporate and brand websites — once derided as “brochureware” in a digital marketing world that quickly moved to sexier applications — are getting a rehabilitation of […]

December 1st

The Deeply Painful Growing Pains of Online Advertising

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Everybody is betting on the future of online advertising, but catching up on reading for this week, I was struck again and again by how deeply painful the growing pains are… The Internet Advertising Bureau has launched an ad campaign to “convince” advertisers to spend more money online (via MediaPost): To help develop the campaign, […]

November 8th

The Deep Structural Problem of Advertising 2.0

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In the standing-room-only Web 2.0 Summit workshop sessions on the future of marketing and Advertising 2.0, the belief that the revolution will be funded by advertising came face to face with the deep structural problems of advertising in the digital age. The poster child of both the promise and the existential angst of networked, digital […]

October 3rd

Engagement Is a Euphemism For Measuring the ROI of Brand Advertising

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Last week I attended the Consumer Engagement Conference, put on by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA), where I discovered that the word “engagement” — which is being proffered as a new “output” metric for advertising to replace outdated “input” metrics like Gross Rating Points and Impressions — […]

September 27th

The Fuzzy Middle Between Branding and Direct Response

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As advertising dollars continue their inexorable march from offline to online, the battle for control of those dollars will be fought over the fuzzy middle ground between branding and direct response. I can’t count how many times at the OMMA conference I heard someone say it “depends on the advertiser’s objectives.” The problem with allocating […]

September 13th

The 2.0 Control Paradox

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There is a fundamental tension in Web/Media 2.0 between openness and control — openness is required to leverage the network effect of the Web and harness the power of socially-connected users, but control is required to get a share of any money that changes hands. Google has been most successful in walking this line — […]

September 12th

Will Content Quality Still Be a Driver of Advertising Online?

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Numerous “analysts” (including me) have been predicting that user-generated content sites like MySpace and YouTube, despite their runaway popularity, will not receive all (or even much) of the big brand ad dollars that will be poured into online advertising across the next few years. The reason — advertisers still care about the quality of the […]

August 21st

Advice to Blog Media: Get Better Metrics!

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A debate has erupted over the definition of blogs and the value of blog “influentials” as drivers of advertising CPM rates, which is so Old Media in the particulars it’s really quite astonishing. Scoble challenges Windows Live Spaces’ definition of a blog and then plants this lightening rod: What does Microsoft do when it says […]

June 23rd

Advertising In the Post-Advertising Era

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In Cannes, advertising and media executives have seen the death of paid media advertising: All week at Cannes, advertising and media executives have grappled with the implications of virals which have reached millions of people via the internet, often by-passing traditional media. A few have involved no spend on media, offline or online. With the […]

June 20th

Search Advertising Does NOT Build Brands

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At the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, search advertising is getting slammed for its inability to build brands — and rightly so: Laura Desmond, chief executive of Mediavest USA, which advises clients such as P&G, Masterfoods and Kraft on buying and planning media, said: “Google is going to have to change its business model soon. Search […]

June 16th

With Social Networking Ads, You Get What You Pay For

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Superman has taken over MySpace’s homepage, in what was likely a lucrative deal for MySpace and a smart move for Warner Brothers — mostly. WB is certainly capitalizing on MySpace’s prime homepage real estate, with an appropriately participatory marketing program that invites fans to upload their own superman pictures. And fans have indeed uploaded some […]

June 2nd

You Can’t HANDLE Brand Advertising

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Brand advertising is the X-factor of the online advertising land grab — Google knows it needs to tap into brand/display advertising to grow, but Eric Schmidt knows they’ve got a problem: “It’s a question of whether our system, which is so highly measurable, can really handle that . . . We have not yet come […]

April 23rd

What If Media 2.0 Is Less Profitable Than Media 1.0?

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The advent of web-based e-commerce fundamentally lowered the costs of doing business, increasing the scalability (and in many cases the viability) of thousands of small businesses. The introduction of micro-marketing through Google AdWords gave a huge jolt to this trend, making marketing scalable and profitable for these same small businesses. Two companies — Google and […]

April 4th

Marketing 2.0 Can’t Fix Bad Products

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Everybody’s buzzing about GM’s handing over control of its ads to consumers –- and about the outpouring of negative consumer-created GM ads. And EVERYBODY’S missing the point. Mainstream media and marketing think that GM screwed up by ceding control of its brand. The blogosphere and Web 2.0 fanclub think GM did the right thing by […]

March 31st

What Is the Quantifiable ROI of Corporate Blogging?

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Now that Google has turned marketing into a quantifiable, profitable activity with measurable ROI, how is it that business blogging gets away with the same soft arguments that boosters of brand advertising typically use (and for which they have rightly been taken to task)? The blogosphere is abuzz because Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, apparently […]

March 17th

Does Blog Marketing Work for B2B?

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So Microsoft is going after IBM with a $500 million marketing campaign, which apparently doesn’t include a large role for blogs or other “hot” viral marketing tactics? Hmm, go figure: The campaign began yesterday with eight-page advertisements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other newspapers. The $500 million to be spent […]

March 1st

Postcards from the Edgeio

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I went to check out Edgeio, and the first thing that jumped out at me is what may be the dumbest tagline ever — “Listings from the edge” — this immediately made me think of Postcards from the Edge, the autobiographical novel by actress Carrie Fisher, which was made into an all-star film. My next […]

February 22nd

Is Search Advertising Reaching a Plateau?

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Search advertising has been all the rage the last few years, leaving sellers of traditional display advertising to fear a slow death as Google and other search engines siphon off all of the ad dollars. But after a dramatic run-up in search, there’s evidence that we’re reaching a plateau. I try to avoid the dangerous […]

February 15th

The Short-Term Value of Google Advertising

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Is it possible that the text ads pioneered by Google have near zero branding value and, as one search advertiser noted in a Stifel Nicolaus analyst report on Google, the “lifetime value of a customer acquired through Google for his/her business [has] approached zero”? The Stifel Nicolaus report by Scott Devitt is cited in a […]

January 27th

Why Google Needs Rich Media

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The news that Google is testing rich media supports the view that traditional brand advertising is not about to go away. Having wrung every penny from smaller advertisers with more transactional businesses — which are the ones that work best with text ads — Google is aiming now at the BIG advertisers who have BIG […]

January 25th

Is Media a Commodity?

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Will media become a commodity? Google and the search marketing industry that grew up around it think so. Creators of Web 2.0 content applications like Digg and Reddit think so. Today, we learn that eBay also thinks so — MediaPost reports that they pitched an electronic trading system for buying and selling media. And who […]

January 24th

No Substitute for Traditional Brand Advertising

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The conventional wisdom is that traditional advertising is wounded and dying at the feet of innovators like Google AdSense and Word of Mouth Marketing. The NYTimes continues its role as a media and technology hype machine today with its coverage of the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association meeting: Speakers with titles like “marketing medic” or “manager of […]


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