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June 7th

The Content Graph and the Future of Brands

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Yesterday, two stories from Aol’s DailyFinance appeared in the Sunday print edition of the Daily Telegram, a newspaper in southern Michigan. These stories appeared on a business page that would otherwise have been produced almost entirely with stories from the Associated Press. The Daily Telegram got permission to publish these Aol stories not through a big corporate […]

May 25th

The New Associated Press for the 21st Century

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This week, at TechCrunch Disrupt, we’re announcing the launch of Publish2 News Exchange, a platform aimed at disrupting the Associated Press monopoly over content distribution to newspapers. With Publish2 News Exchange, newspapers can replace the AP’s obsolete cooperative with direct content sharing and replace the AP’s commodity content with both free, high-quality content from the Web and content […]

February 29th

How Networked Link Journalism Can Give Journalists Collectively The Power Of Google And Digg

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The link journalism meme seems to have legs, based on the number of smart people who picked it up. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch, with the concept of NETWORKED link journalism, which can give journalists, collectively, the power of Digg and Google to direct huge amounts of traffic on the web.

December 18th

Reader-Centric Publishing: Aggregating and Repackaging Print Content Online

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For most print publishers, mapping the audiences for their various titles would yield a cluster of overlapping circles — many readers of one of the publisher’s titles also read at least one other title. This is particularly true in trade publishing (magazines and books), where publishers often have multiple titles within a vertical, but it […]

December 15th

The Web’s Link-Driven Attention Economy

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Photographer Lane Hartwell, by making all of her Flickr photos private to prevent uncredited use, and by forcing the take down of a parody video containing one of her photos, has shined a spotlight on the question of content owner’s rights on the web. Mathew Ingram and Mike Arrington argue that Lane is on the […]

September 2nd

Google News Hosting Wire Service Stories Diminishes Value Of Duplicate Content

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When each local newspaper was a self-contained, non-overlapping, monopoly distribution channel, the news wires made all of the sense in the world — why have each newspaper spend its own resources to cover the same national and international stories? Just pool all of the newspapers’ resources and do it once. But on the web, where […]

August 26th

Bookstores Begin Slow Descent Into Obsolescence

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I was in Borders Books today looking for a copy of David Weinberger’s Everything Is Miscellaneous, and it suddenly struck me how ironic it was to be looking for a book about dynamic connectedness in this place of static, disconnected objects and finite shelf space. I used to love bookstores — they were magical places […]

August 7th

New York Times To Fold TimesSelect Presaging The Death of Paid Content

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The New York Times has reportedly decided to abandon TimesSelect, its experiment with paid content on the web. This comes as no surprise since the pay wall was controversial, both internally and externally, from the beginning, but it’s even less surprising when you look at the fundamental economics of content in the digital media age […]

July 31st

Does Kevin Rose have the Next Big Thing in Social Networking?

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I think Kevin Rose might be on the verge of something big, again. For those not familiar, Kevin is the founder of Digg, the social news aggregator that now boasts over 17 million unique visitors per month… and the latest to get into bed with Microsoft via its sweet ad deal. There is no doubt, […]

April 30th

Bringing Archive Content Online Adds To The User-Generated Content Avalanche

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And you thought “user-generated content” was flooding the web with more “stuff” than human or algorithm could possibly process. Well, get ready for the next “wave,” drawn from the endless ocean of content sitting in archive vaults, waiting to be poured on the web as the marginal cost of doing so shrinks daily. Think every […]

March 22nd

NBC Universal/News Corp Online Video Deal Demonstrates That The Content Creation Business Is Dying

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Did NBC Universal and News Corp cut a deal to create content for the web? New production capabilities? New armies of web-only content creators? No. This is about creating a platform for aggregating and distributing existing content, which they already have too much of. You’re looking at the new media business. It’s not longer about […]

March 21st

Is Content Still A Business?

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Is it possible that the future of the content business is worse than being less profitable and worse even than not scaling anymore — is it possible that content creation will cease to be a business? I was struck by this quote from a music business manager in the WSJ article about the complete collapse […]

March 3rd

YouTube And The Value Of Video Content Hosting, Distribution, And Discovery

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Google is learning that the value propositions of content hosting, content distribution, and content discovery are not created equal, and that YouTube’s monopoly on all three may be slipping away. A story in the Washington Post states what has been evident for some time: In the few months since Google paid $1.65 billion to acquire […]


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