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October 26th

High-End Brand Publishers Need to Sell Scalable Premium Ad Solutions, Not Commodity Ad Space

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Newspaper online advertising has not benefited greatly from the recent upswing in online ad spending, according to the New York Times and most of the recent newspaper company quarterly results. This is no surprise because most newspaper websites sell SPACE for commodity advertising — display ads and classifieds — and thus are hard pressed to […]

July 30th

Journalists Are News Companies’ Most Valuable Asset

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Journalists are news companies’ most valuable assets. That’s what Mike Arrington asserts, and I think he’s right (disregard the “failing old media” rhetoric): And earlier today I got a glimpse at what AOL is up to – they are hiring all the journalists being fired and laid off by the newspapers and magazines. And they […]

May 2nd

Retraining Wire and Feature Editors to Be Web Curators

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If the wire editor and feature editor roles are becoming obsolete for print newspapers, as Steve Yelvington persuasively argues, then those editors should be retrained — or retrain themselves — as web curators. Rather than become obsolete, these editors could become essential to their news organization’s future on the web. Steve observes: On the Internet, […]

March 16th

The Great Seattle Advertising Experiment: What Will Happen to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Print Advertising Dollars?

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer today because the first major metro newspaper to stop publishing in print but keep the news brand alive on the web. Seattlepi.com’s Executive Editor Michelle Nicolosi promises bold experiments, “to break a lot of rules that newspaper Web sites stick to.” And to be sure, the entire news industry will be watching […]

January 25th

Why local-news aggregation is useful information, not information overload

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My post on the Washington state linking project focused on the awesome innovation involved and on the benefits of collaborative linking in general. But the project also shows why this kind of news aggregation is so useful for a local audience. The biggest danger with news aggregation is that instead of acting as a filter, […]

January 9th

Networked link journalism: A revolution quietly begins in Washington state

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The discussion about journalism’s future so often focuses on Big Changes — Kill the print edition! Flips for everyone! Reinvent business models NOW! — that it’s easy to forget how simple innovation can be. Sometimes all you need is a few Tweets, a bunch of links, and some like-minded pioneers. That’s how a quiet revolution […]

December 17th

When A Newspaper Stops Publishing In Print, What Happens To The Print Advertising Dollars?

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With all the debate over the future of newspapers, here’s a question I haven’t heard anybody ask (much less answer): If a metropolitan newspaper suddenly ceased to publish, leaving the city with no newspaper, what would happen to all of that newspaper’s ad dollars? Most newspaper companies’ strategy right now is based on the assumption […]

December 8th

Crowdsourcing, citizen journalism, and the lesson of scrapbook news

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I want to further explore the idea of “scrapbook news” as a way of reframing the crowdsourcing/citizen journalism discussion. One reason mainstream news organizations haven’t embraced the concepts may be that the spirit (if not the letter) of the cit-j discussion tends to focus on the people involved rather than the news being covered. That […]

November 20th

Should Newspaper Companies Get Out Of The Newspaper Business?

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Forget the bailout. I have a great new business model for Detroit automakers. Sell Toyotas and Hondas. Detroit already has the dealer networks. There’s great demand for Japanese cars. In fact, Detroit could retool all of their manufacturing plants to make Toyotas and Hondas. That proposal is similar to one put forth for newspaper companies […]

November 10th

The market and the internet don’t care if you make money

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The title of this post comes straight from the mind-blowing mind of Seth Godin, preaching to the book industry (promoting his book Tribes), but he could just as easily be preaching to anyone in media: [T]he market and the internet don’t care if you make money. That’s important to say. You have no right to […]

September 28th

washingtonpost.com’s Political Browser Uses the News Judgment of Journalists to Filter the Political Web

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washingtonpost.com has launched a new politics page called Political Browser, which features, wait for it… links to the most important and interesting political news around the web. That’s right, the Washington Post, one of the paragons of original political reporting, has dedicated a page to help you find the best of OTHER news organization’s political […]

September 21st

How Newspapers Abdicated the Front Page’s Influence and How They Can Get it Back By Linking

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The front page of the newspaper used to set the news agenda. Extra, Extra, read all about it! But that influence has steadily waned through the TV and Cable News era, and the web now threatens to obliterate it entirely. So who sets the news agenda now? One significant influence is a guy with nothing […]

September 17th

Advertiser Online Now, Get a Free Ad In Print

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Just saw this house ad on NYTimes.com: A print ad offered as added value for online advertising. Now THAT’S a reversal. Here’s more:

September 11th

Evolution of the Newswire on the Web

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Jeff Jarvis has post today worth reading, about the emergence of the web as the new newswire and the trend away from traditional newswires like AP: The old syndication model in the old content economy just won’t work today when all the world needs is one copy of a story up in the cloud with […]

September 7th

GateHouse Media Seeks to Disrupt Print-Only Batavia NY Newspaper Market With Online-Only Innovation

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Newspapers face the challenge of ensuring that their websites don’t cannibalize more lucrative print audience and revenue — even as more and more people get their news online. Then there’s the challenge of  shrinking editorial staffs having to put out both a print paper and a website. It’s enough to kept many newspapers from innovating […]

July 20th

What The Newspaper Industry Could Learn About Do Or Die Innovation From General Motors

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As newspaper companies lose billions in market capitalization and innovation-minded journalists battle newsroom “curmudgeons” shell-shocked by the rapid pace of change amid increasingly dire economic realities, a lesson in burn-the-rule-book transformation might come from an unexpected source: General Motors. That’s right, the once-dominate car maker, which missed every trend that has lead to Toyota’s dominance, […]

June 5th

If Your Users Fail, Your Website Fails, Regardless Of Intent Or Design

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On the web, in the age of Google, design has no margin of error, and there are no stupid users, only inadequate designs. Those were the main points of my critique of newspaper websites generally, and WashingtonPost.com in particular, which to be fair, apply to all online publishers, and really any website. I’m writing another […]

June 4th

What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web

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Why is Google making more money everyday while newspapers are making less? I’m going to pick on The Washington Post again only because it’s my local paper and this is a local example. There were severe storms in the Washington area today, and the power went out in our Reston office. I wanted to find […]

May 12th

The Challenge Of Non-Local Newspaper Advertising

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Newspaper brands like the NEW YORK Times, WASHINGTON Post, BOSTON Globe, etc. face a unique challenge in the online media age — how to value non-local readers. I received this offer in the snail mail this week from the New York Times: As I observed previously with my critique of the Washington Post’s circulation marketing, […]

March 17th

JPMorgan Buys Bear Stearns: Following A Breaking News Story On The Web

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Nothing like the biggest business story in recent memory — JPMorgan buys Bear Stearns for $2 (a share) — breaking on a Sunday to bring into sharp relief the difference between news on the web and news in print — not to mention differences in how news is presented on the web.

March 13th

Radical Idea For News Sites: Show What’s New On Your Homepage

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What’s the most obvious sign that a traditional news brand is merely reproducing online what they do in print, instead of publishing in a way that makes sense for the web? They way news is organized on the homepage. Let’s compare three news site homepages — TechCrunch, Digg, and New York Times.

March 8th

Why I Subscribed To The Washington Post Sunday Print Edition

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The Washington Post didn’t respond to my print circulation marketing challenge, but I just subscribed to The Washington Post Sunday print edition anyway. Why? I don’t think print newspapers are dead — they just need to radically evolve. But evolution is a process that has to start somewhere, and I want to understand better where […]

January 17th

HealthCentral’s HealthCare08 PoliGraph And Technology-Enabled Journalism

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Craig Stoltz, former health section editor of the Washington Post, pinged me about a projected he just finished with HealthCentral — HealthCare08, featuring the PoliGrpah, a dataviz (data visualization), i.e. flash + database, which plots each presidential candidate’s position on key healthcare issues. Which of course got me thinking why I haven’t see more of […]

September 2nd

Google News Hosting Wire Service Stories Diminishes Value Of Duplicate Content

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When each local newspaper was a self-contained, non-overlapping, monopoly distribution channel, the news wires made all of the sense in the world — why have each newspaper spend its own resources to cover the same national and international stories? Just pool all of the newspapers’ resources and do it once. But on the web, where […]

July 26th

Online Publishers Need To Stop Selling Space

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I wrote a long post trying to explain why the page view/CPM model for valuing online media is so problematic, particularly for traditional media companies like newspapers that are trying to transition their business models online. But Jordan Bitterman of Digitas summed it up in two sentences (in a Fortune piece about future of the […]

July 26th

New York Times Continues To Conceal Decline In Print Advertising Revenue

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I’m picking on the New York Times because they are the 11th largest “audience aggregator” on the Web, but many newspapers and other traditional media companies are similarly using strength in their digital operations to conceal weakness in their legacy businesses. Here’s an example of the consequences of such “obfuscation” from MediaPost’s coverage of the […]

July 25th

Page Views And CPMs Are Suppressing Online Advertising Growth and Innovation

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The page view may be dead, but page views are still the currency for online display advertising, with most display ads still being bought on the basis of CPM, or cost per thousand ad impressions — and impressions are a function of page views. The problem is that the page view-driven online advertising economy is […]

July 20th

Should Newspapers Become Local Blog Networks?

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Chicago Tribune just relaunched its website with, of course, more blogs — A LOT more blogs — news, entertainment, sports, living, business travel, with multiple blogs in each category. It struck me that this is more than a “me too” step, as it was last year , when launching a blog was how traditional media […]

July 18th

Newspapers At The Nexus of The Digital Media Revolution

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There are two phenomenon that everyone interested in the future of media should be tracking closely. The first is the iPhone, which is the first breakthrough mobile media device. The second is the transformation of newspapers as they work (REALLY) hard to evolve in a networked, digital media world where they no longer enjoy monopoly […]

July 17th

Newspaper Online vs. Print Ad Revenue: The 10% Problem

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How will newspapers shift their business center of gravity online the same way most have shifted their audience center of gravity? That is the question keeping every newspaper executive awake at night. Bill Keller, the New York Times Executive Editor and excellent editorial emissary, made the following comment in an interview: But the Web audience […]

July 16th

Washington Post’s LoudounExtra.com Isn’t Yet Hyperlocal Enough

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On the heels of hyperlocal pioneer Backfence shutting down, the Washington Post has launched its own hyperlocal experiment — LoudounExtra.com, a site dedicated to Loudoun County, a suburb of Washington, DC. (Thanks to Hashim for the tip.) It so happens I live in Loudoun County, and with that context, here’s my first take — LoudounExtra.com […]

July 3rd

Ebay Free Classified Ad Site Kijiji Is Another Huge Blow To Newspapers

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Poor newspapers. Their cash cow service, classified ads, is probably about to break a record for facing more competition from free services than any other in the history of paid services. Faceboook recently piled on to the Craigslist disruption of the newspaper classified market with a free classifieds marketplace. Now eBay has launched a free […]

June 29th

Non-Digital Media Is Becoming An Anachronism

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Newspapers were once an incredibly efficient means of distributing information. Run huge rolls of newsprint through a printing press and a neat package of news is delivered to every doorstep. But no more. Yesterday I took a river boat cruise on the Potomac river with some visiting family, and was fascinated to hear what the […]

June 18th

Mark Bowden On The Future Of Journalism Online

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Mark Bowden, an Atlantic correspondent and author of Black Hawk Down, has a great piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the future of journalism in the digital age. Here’s an “old fuddy-duddy,” as he calls himself, who has opened his mind to a the future of multimedia journalism in way that puts many newspaper editors […]

June 18th

Newspapers Should Embrace Online Aggregators

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Many newspaper executives, most infamously Tribune acquirer Sam Zell, have made an enemy out of Google and other online aggregators who disintermediate newspapers and all other traditional media. This is of course a wrongheaded way to think about content on the Web, since these aggregators drive a significant amount of traffic to newspapers. But the […]

June 11th

Should Newspapers Compete With Local TV Stations For Online Video Advertising?

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As newspapers struggle to transform themselves into digital media publishers, many have begun to produce online video, in some cases going head-to-head with local TV stations for traditional newscasting. Newspapers have struggled with the transition to digital because classified ads, their cash cow, are available for free online, and because they can’t command the same […]

June 7th

Murdoch: Pour Money Into Digital, Make Wall Street Journal Free, Don’t Let Google Own The World

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The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating interview with Rupert Murdoch. Here are some choice quotes:

May 31st

Bancroft Family Will Consider Dow Jones Sale To News Corp, Driven By Digital Media Revolution

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In a dramatic turnabout, the Bancroft family, which controls Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, agreed to discuss a sale of the company to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp after initially refusing to do so. There are a number of hints that the turnabout was driven by concern over the future of Dow Jones in […]

May 29th

Should Google Subsidize Journalism?

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Neil Henry, a professor of journalism at UC Berkeley, has a lament about the decline of newspaper journalism in the soon to be editorially downsized San Francisco Chronicle. He puts forth some good examples of the types of investigative journalism that are at risk of being defunded. He also displays a fundamental misunderstanding of what […]

May 23rd

The Disruptive Shift Of Ad Spending From Offline to Online

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Every media company is positioning itself to benefit from the increasing shift of ad dollars from offline media to online and digital media, but in many cases ad dollars aren’t moving online in a 1-to-1 ratio. That’s why newspapers, for example, still get 80-90% of ad revenue from print, an artifact of monopoly pricing that […]

May 21st

Journalists, Made For AdSense Publishers, And Regression To The Mean Of Content Quality

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What do offline media journalists have in common with Made For AdSense publishers, i.e. online publishers who create sites with junk content for the sole purpose of making money off of Google’s pay-per-click ads? Quite a lot it seems — Google is destroying their business models from either end of the content quality spectrum. Compare […]

May 21st

Is Google’s Indexing Of News Sites Copyright Infringement?

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The issue of whether Google’s indexing of news sites constitutes copyright infringement is likely to receive more attention following a report that Google has entered into licensing agreements with several large UK news groups, similar to the licensing deals that Google has made with the Associated Press in the U.S. and Agence France-Presse in France. […]

May 14th

Are Traditional Media Companies Like The Detroit Auto Industry?

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When I read about the private equity buyout of the ailing Chrysler group from DaimlerChrysler, it immediately reminded me of another buyout of an ailing legacy player in a fast changing industry being driven by successful upstarts — Sam Zell’s buyout of Tribune. Thinking about it, I realized there are many analogues between what upstarts […]

May 11th

Facebook Classified Ad Offering Deals Another Blow To Newspapers

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It’s sure rough trying to charge for a service that other businesses are offering for free. Just ask any newspaper exec. With 20/20 hindsight, it seems inevitable that the web would be the perfect platform for free classified ads, but no newspaper exec in their worst nightmare could have imagined Craiglist, which has done huge […]

April 5th

Craigslist Openness vs. Newspaper Trust

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If Craigslist is killing the newspaper classified business, then it appears that newspapers’ real missed opportunity may be in failing to provide a sufficiently conducive environment for seeking and selling sex and love. Reading this analysis by Compete was one of those Doh! Of course! moments (and, as a commenter on the Compete post points […]


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