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May 25th

The New Associated Press for the 21st Century

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This week, at TechCrunch Disrupt, we’re announcing the launch of Publish2 News Exchange, a platform aimed at disrupting the Associated Press monopoly over content distribution to newspapers. With Publish2 News Exchange, newspapers can replace the AP’s obsolete cooperative with direct content sharing and replace the AP’s commodity content with both free, high-quality content from the Web and content […]

April 23rd

Joining Publish2: Ryan Sholin, Greg Linch and Howard Weaver

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Today we’re announcing three major additions to the Publish2 team — journalists whose stellar reputations speak for themselves: Ryan Sholin joins us next week as Director of News Innovation. Greg Linch is the winner of the Publish2 Future of Journalism Contest and will join us in the fall as our Producer. Howard Weaver has joined […]

February 17th

Announcing Digital Sunlight: Publish2’s Platform for Collaborative Journalism

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Today, with the signing of the largest government stimulus program in history, Publish2 is announcing a new initiative to help newsrooms faced with declining resources continue to play the watchdog role that is so vital in this time of crisis. Digital Sunlight is our code name for a new feature set that will allow citizens […]

December 4th

First Entry In The “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest: Daniel Bachhuber

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The “I Am The Future Of Journalism Contest” has its first entry, and it’s awesome. Daniel Bachhuber is a journalism student at the University of Oregon, a photographer, web developer, member of CoPress, and a journalist with a compelling vision of the future: Here’s the text of Daniel’s entry:

December 2nd

Announcing the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest

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Publish2 is launching a contest for journalists to promote themselves as the future of journalism. We believe journalism has a bright future, and we’re betting everything on that belief. The winner of the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest receives a prize that we know is increasingly valuable in journalism due to shrinking supply […]

March 31st

Publish2 In Private Beta

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Seems like now would be an opportune moment to clarify the terms of Publish2’s private beta. It would be an understatement to say that it’s tricky to run a private beta for a user base that includes the same people who cover your industry and write about new technologies. The whole purpose of a private […]

March 31st

Publish2 Gets Funded

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Read Publish2’s funding announcement over at the Publish2 Blog. (Yes, you’ll have to click over to find out the details.)

March 13th

Reinventing Local News Distribution On The Web

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Last month, four major newspaper companies announced a joint ad sales venture to “let national advertisers place ads on local Web sites with a single phone call.” When I read that, I realized suddenly why local newspapers are having so much trouble adapting to the web. There’s no such thing as a local website.

March 11th

Digital Transition: From Redundant News Coverage To Original Link Journalism

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The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal is undoubtedly a big story, which every media outlet is covering, so I suppose it’s not surprising that Google News currently shows 2,580 versions of this story. But when you stop and think about, you have to ask — WHY are there 2,580 versions of this story? You can hum […]

March 9th

Local Link Journalism: Pulling Together The Threads Of Local Blogger Reporting

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How can newsrooms do more online with fewer resources? By leveraging the reporting that bloggers in their communities have ALREADY published on the web. Using “local link journalism,” reporters can seek out and link to reporting on a story that’s been published across their local blogosphere and just needs to be pulled together. And isn’t […]

February 29th

How Networked Link Journalism Can Give Journalists Collectively The Power Of Google And Digg

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The link journalism meme seems to have legs, based on the number of smart people who picked it up. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch, with the concept of NETWORKED link journalism, which can give journalists, collectively, the power of Digg and Google to direct huge amounts of traffic on the web.

February 25th

How Link Journalism Could Have Transformed The New York Times Reporting On McCain Ethics

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I was reading the New York Times public editor’s rebuke of the NYT McCain ethics piece that alleged an affair with a lobbyist, when a line at the end reached out and grabbed me by the collar (bold is mine): The pity of it is that, without the sex, The Times was on to a […]

February 22nd

Creating Customized Social Networking Applications For Business

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I wrote a while back that Facebook is not for business, i.e it’s not clear how an application designed for socializing among students could be used — without any customization — by professionals. There a bit of data and more buzz coming out that offers support for that thesis.

February 20th

Reinventing Journalism On The Web: Links As News, Links As Reporting

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A cornerstone of journalism has always been reporting what key sources say, put in context and given perspective, alongside reported facts. It’s time to reinvent that process on the web — make it dynamic — using the fundamental mechanism for connecting information and people: the LINK

February 10th

The Pace of Innovation in Journalism

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How long does it take to launch an innovative new feature on a newspaper site? About 48 hours — that’s the standard set by innovative editors like Jack Lail at Knoxnews.com, Tom Meagher at Herald News, and Mark Briggs at Thenewstribune.com.

February 4th

Publish2 Election News Network Update

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Jack Lail, an editor and journalist with a deep understanding of the web, big vision, and a “let’s do it” innovator’s spirit, set out to publish “the best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet” — he rounded up a group of journalists and bloggers, set them up on Publish2, and off […]

January 31st

Join the Publish2 Election News Network

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Publish2 is organizing a network of newsrooms, journalists, freelancers and network-affiliated bloggers to aggregate the best news coverage of the “Super Tuesday” February 5 U.S. primary elections, leading up to it and after. Publish2 is still in private beta, but we’re going to syndicate everything out via RSS feeds. Publish2’s web-based bookmarking feature will aggregate […]

January 27th

Simplicity Drives Technology Adoption

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I was talking to a newsroom last week about adopting Publish2 as an editorial platform for creating news aggregation features for their website — there was a lot of excitement about sketching a big vision, thinking about all of the possibilities. But in a follow-up email, we held hands around a critical guiding principle — […]

August 14th

Big News

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Lots of big news today — here are the headlines: I’ve left Atlantic Media to co-found a new venture with Robert Young — Publish2, Inc (yes, the brand associations are quite intentional) — check out Introducing Publish2: Networked News, on the Publish2 blog. Robert will be now be blogging on Publishing 2.0 — if you’re […]


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