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January 9th

Networked link journalism: A revolution quietly begins in Washington state

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The discussion about journalism’s future so often focuses on Big Changes — Kill the print edition! Flips for everyone! Reinvent business models NOW! — that it’s easy to forget how simple innovation can be. Sometimes all you need is a few Tweets, a bunch of links, and some like-minded pioneers. That’s how a quiet revolution […]

October 29th

Newsrooms Can Grow Twitter Followers By Using Twitter For Link Journalism

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Most newsrooms have utterly narcissistic Twitter accounts. The worst offenders (which unfortunately is the majority) use services like Twitterfeed to automatically tweet links to the newspaper’s own content. Here’s our RSS feed on Twitter! Don’t get enough of our content on our site or through RSS? Now get it on Twitter, too! Some newsrooms are […]

January 20th

Why I’ve Started Using Twitter Again

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So I’m going to try using Twitter again. Why, after having caused such a (unintended) fuss when I stopped? Twitter continues to be a flashpoint for innovative thinking — I’ve read too much interesting talk about Twitter not to be tuned in (and I need to eat my own dog food about giving new technologies […]

January 16th

Centeralization vs. Decentralization: What’s The Value Of Twitter?

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Although I haven’t had time to use Twitter recently, I’ve been following all the discussions about Twitter, because it’s become a flashpoint for innovative thinking about online communication and media. Twitter was much maligned for going down during Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote — I agree with Larry Dignan that this is unfair. If you’re going […]

December 11th

Why I Stopped Using Twitter

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There’s a lot of Twitter hype in the blogosphere today, and I’ve contributed plenty of my own Twitter hype in the past. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to offer some anti-hype, derived from my own experience using Twitter — an explanation of why I STOPPED using Twitter.

August 3rd

Twitter Is Now An Extension Of My Blogging

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It didn’t take long, but I’m now posting things to Twitter that are very much an extension of what I post on this blog. There may have been a few instances where I posted a link or a thought to Twitter that might have previously been a blog post, but I’m not sure. I’m definitely […]

August 2nd

Twitter Is A Publication

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Here’s a theory that’s emerged from my web communication experiment: Twitter isn’t a communication tool, it’s a publication. That’s not to say there isn’t a strong communication element to it, just like there is in the comment sections of blogs (on the occasions when commenter actually address each other’s comments). But the communication that occurs […]

July 31st

Questions About Facebook And Twitter

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Here are some questions about Facebook and Twitter arising from my ongoing web communication experiment. Feel free to answer any or all — although most of you reading this likely won’t answer any, because you’re in passive media consumption mode, as are most people. (Nothing wrong with that — being active sure takes up a […]

July 30th

Web 2.0 Inefficiency: Crossposting On Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Etc.

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So I got my Publishing 2.0 feed set up to crosspost to Facebook and Twitter, but I’m wondering about the utility of doing so, given that most of the people I’m connected to on Facebook and Twitter also subscribe to my regular blog RSS feed. I’m starting to think that this has the potential to […]

July 29th

Web Communication Experiment: First Round Goes To Twitter

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After one day of experimenting, I’m already addicted to Twitter. I get it now. It’s really an elegantly designed application: See everyone who is following you Follow them with one click Address message to specific people with @ I also get the 140 character limit now — it keeps you in the right mode of […]


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