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Retraining Wire and Feature Editors to Be Web Curators

If the wire editor and feature editor roles are becoming obsolete for print newspapers, as Steve Yelvington persuasively argues, then those editors should be retrained — or retrain themselves — as web curators. Rather than become obsolete, these editors could become essential to their news organization’s future on the web. Steve »

Joining Publish2: Ryan Sholin, Greg Linch and Howard Weaver

Today we’re announcing three major additions to the Publish2 team — journalists whose stellar reputations speak for themselves: Ryan Sholin joins us next week as Director of News Innovation. Greg Linch is the winner of the Publish2 Future of Journalism Contest and will join us in the fall as our »

The Problem of Media Economics: Value Equations Have Radically Changed

Entering 2009, the future of media is undoubtedly a quandary, with no end of head-scratching across the industry. As with everything these days, it seems that it all comes down to radically changing economics. There are way too many conversations about the future of media, news, journalism, etc. going on »

One Week Left To Enter The "I Am The Future Of Journalism" Contest

There’s one week left to submit an entry to the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest. The deadline is December 30. We’ve gotten some great entries by journalists who are thinking creatively, passionately, and positively about the future. You can show your support for them by helping »

Breaking News Link Journalism: Blagojevich Arrest

So you’ve got a big breaking story right in your backyard, e.g. the governor gets arrested for trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the President Elect. Your newsroom is on the case, but the story is still developing. There are national ramifications, so reporting »

Announcing the "I Am The Future Of Journalism" Contest

Publish2 is launching a contest for journalists to promote themselves as the future of journalism. We believe journalism has a bright future, and we’re betting everything on that belief. The winner of the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest receives a prize that we know is increasingly valuable »