Advertiser Online Now, Get a Free Ad In Print

Just saw this house ad on A print ad offered as added value for online advertising. Now THAT’S a reversal. Here’s more: NYT is trying to reverse the economic polarity of its business. Is this kind of offer a trend? »

Evolution of the Newswire on the Web

Jeff Jarvis has post today worth reading, about the emergence of the web as the new newswire and the trend away from traditional newswires like AP: The old syndication model in the old content economy just won’t work today when all the world needs is one copy of a »

Publish2: The Web's Newswire

The web has become the vanguard of reinventing news distribution in the digital age. And while newspapers have often lagged in seizing new opportunities on the web, they have a golden opportunity to lead the charge in reinventing a foundation of the news ecosystem — the newswire. Newswires have traditionally been »

Is Linking an Antidote to Plagiarism in Journalism?

Responding to the investigation of plagiarism on the web by Jody Rosen at Slate, Publish2’s Editorial Director Tammi Marcoullier reflects on her own experience with being plagiarized while blogging for The Washington Post and wonders whether placing more value on link journalism could help with the problem of plagiarism »