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What Is The Value Of Online Display Ads?

Now that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and WPP have spent collectively $10.4 billion to acquire the largest online display ad platform companies (DoubleClick, Right Media, aQuantive, and 24/7 Real Media) on the bet that display ads will be a key driver of growth for online ad spending, it’s »

Craigslist Openness vs. Newspaper Trust

If Craigslist is killing the newspaper classified business, then it appears that newspapers’ real missed opportunity may be in failing to provide a sufficiently conducive environment for seeking and selling sex and love. Reading this analysis by Compete was one of those Doh! Of course! moments (and, as a commenter »

Can Google Transform The Entire Web Into A Direct Marketing Machine?

As anticipated, Google has launched a “cost-per-action” advertising program that allows advertisers to pay only for specific results, such as a sale, lead, sign-up, etc. Andy Beal thinks this is a threat to online affiliate marketing, and surely it is. But Aaron Wall’s comment jumped out at me: If »

What If Google Never Succeeds With Offline Advertising?

Discussions of Google’s offline media ambitions — to extend their wildly successful platform for online advertising to offline advertising — typically assume that Google’s success in the offline arena is just a matter of time. But the reality is that Google has nothing but a string of failures to show »

Blogs Have A Big Problem With Small CPMs

Chris Anderson highlights the tiny direct cash return that Guy Kawasaki earned on his first year of blogging: $3,350 at a CPM of $1.39. That’s a pitiful CPM by mass media standards — and it’s totally wrong. The way media has traditionally worked, the more “pure” the »

Silicon Valley vs. Madison Avenue

If you spend too much time in Silicon Valley you’d think that the technology industry — with Google leading the charge — already owns the future of advertising. But don’t count out Madison Avenue just yet — they may be responsible for perpetuating the imbalance between media time spent online and »

Better Opportunity to Sell FTC Violating PayPerPost Ads Than MySpace Ads?

One sales executive apparently sees more opportunity selling ads for PayPerPost, whose no-disclosure-required policy was just declared a big No-No by the FTC, than selling ads for MySpace (via PayPerPost blog): Randy Mountz, former vice president of sales for’s Midwest region, has joined PayPerPost as the company’ »