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New York Times Embraces Link Journalism

The New York Times has certainly embraced blogging, but it was striking to see in this post from The Lede just how much they’ve embraced link journalism: Scanning the financial press this morning, readers would have seen a disturbing yet familiar burst of oil news: rising prices, aghast lawmakers »

Is News Coverage On The Web Becoming Like Consumer Packaged Goods?

The more I think about the issue of redundant news coverage on the web, the more I’m both perplexed and fascinated. Read the following on Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Connect — seriously, read it all: Can Facebook Build a Better Passport It didn’t take long for Facebook to »

JPMorgan Buys Bear Stearns: Following A Breaking News Story On The Web

Nothing like the biggest business story in recent memory — JPMorgan buys Bear Stearns for $2 (a share) — breaking on a Sunday to bring into sharp relief the difference between news on the web and news in print — not to mention differences in how news is presented on the web. What’ »