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Brilliant: Fake Steve Jobs Fakes Apple Shutdown Drama

I can’t be 100% certain, but I’ll wager that Dan Lyons, AKA Fake Steve Jobs, is staging what, if it does turn out to be fake, one of the most brilliant bits of satire since A Modest Proposal. Fake Steve has been posting today about receiving an offer »

Apple Wins: Verizon Is First Wireless Carrier To Open Network

When Apple launched the iPhone exclusively on AT&T’s crumby edge network — and I refused to buy one for that reason — I predicted that Apple’s real endgame was to break the wireless carriers’ stranglehold on handsets, so that Apple could sell iPhones on any network. Sure enough, »

Beware Hostility Towards Users

The most striking aspect of the reactions to my “Mobile Web Sucks” post — which was much more about my own frustrations as a USER than any kind of industry analysis — was the overt hostility that many respondents displayed towards me as a user of the mobile web, and to the »

iPhone Is Not Competing With Blackberry (Yet)

I presented at an internal conference for the interactive division of a major media company this week, and among all the conference attendees, I didn’t see a single iPhone. Not one. It was wall-to-wall Blackberries, including many Blackberry 8830s, which have only been out for a month, so it’ »

My iPhone Test Drive

Ok, so shame on me for writing so much about the iPhone without actually having used it, but I fixed that today by spending a couple of hours in an Apple store playing with the iPhone. Granted this is much more limited than the experience of long-term use, but it »

iPhone Reality Check

I took a lot of flack for suggesting that iPhone buyers were blind to the significant impact the poor AT&T network would have on their experience and that, despite this (or rather because of it), iPhone would be so successful it would give Apple the leverage to fundamentally »

This Post Is Viewable Only On iPhone

No, I’m not turning Publishing 2.0 into an iPhone-only blog, but the debate over how revolutionary the iPhone is as a media device and as a mobile device on the AT&T network is as at the white hot center of the evolution of media. Fascinating, to »

How Apple Will Use The iPhone To Take Over The Wireless Industry

Steve Jobs isn’t stupid. He knows that AT&T Wireless sucks. So why lock the revolutionary iPhone into a crappy network? Because Jobs knows that everyone will buy an iPhone anyway, even if they hate the network. And that, as Umair points out, shifts all the power to »

iPhone Blindness

This is a follow-up to my post on why I didn’t buy an iPhone, i.e. because the AT&T network sucks. I’ve been amazed at how the iPhone has caused so many tech commentators to be blind to the network problem. Valleywag’s iPhone scorecard really »