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Why I Didn't Buy An iPhone: The Network

I just bought a Blackberry 8830 from Verizon, forgoing the opportunity to be among the first iPhone owners. This decision surprised me because I had been eagerly looking forward to the iPhone after praising it as a truly innovative product, despite much tech geek snarking. And now that the mainstream »

Record Profit for Apple's Closed System

Apple turned in a record $1 billon quarterly profit after selling 21 million iPods — yeah, that closed system strategy is sure weighing them down — when the iPhone hits the market, they’ll probably sink like a stone. Speaking of which, from the genius mind of Loren Feldman at 1938 Media: »

Platforms Vs. Experiences

Dave Winer and many others don’t like that Apple’s iPhone is a closed device, which doesn’t allow you to change the software or use other software. While I can appreciate how frustrating it must be for people like Dave with the skill and desire to customize their »

Apple's iPhone And The Head Rush Of REAL Innovation

Instances of REAL innovation are so painfully rare, so few and far between. There’s so much HYPE, so much hollow, empty promise, it just weights you down — but there’s nothing like the head rush of experiencing real innovation — and that’s exactly what Apple delivered to today with »

No Substitute for Traditional Brand Advertising

The conventional wisdom is that traditional advertising is wounded and dying at the feet of innovators like Google AdSense and Word of Mouth Marketing. The NYTimes continues its role as a media and technology hype machine today with its coverage of the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association meeting: Speakers with titles like »

Is There Hope for Content Brands?

Beneath all the buzz about Google re-taking the top spot as #1 Global brand is evidence of a worrisome trend for content brands, which supports the theory that Google is a brand killer. If you look at the U.S. & Canada results for the brandchannel survey across the last »