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Wordpress & SocialVibe: Blogging Gone Good

New York venture capitalist Fred Wilson is one of the most prolific and renown bloggers on the web.  And if you go his blog,, you’ll notice that (like most blogs) he runs advertising to generate revenues.  But what many of you may not know is that all »

Brilliant: Fake Steve Jobs Fakes Apple Shutdown Drama

I can’t be 100% certain, but I’ll wager that Dan Lyons, AKA Fake Steve Jobs, is staging what, if it does turn out to be fake, one of the most brilliant bits of satire since A Modest Proposal. Fake Steve has been posting today about receiving an offer »

The Huffington Post Allows Top Commenters To Become Bloggers

The Huffington Post has unveiled a new comment system that allows top commenters to become featured bloggers on the site. I interviewed Arianna Huffington about the new system — our Q&A appears below. First, a few thoughts on the idea of promoting commenters to bloggers. Every media company is »

Twitter Is Now An Extension Of My Blogging

It didn’t take long, but I’m now posting things to Twitter that are very much an extension of what I post on this blog. There may have been a few instances where I posted a link or a thought to Twitter that might have previously been a blog »

Web Communication Experiment: Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

With some wickedly smart and prescient people having invested in Twitter and with Jason Calacanis having quit Facebook (high profile anti-hype is always an interesting sign), I’m going to invest some time in trying to figure out how to maximize the utility of these two applications, particularly for communicating »

Facebook Is A Killer App For Limited Asynchronous One-To-Many Communication

Each killer communications app has a unique core value proposition that nothing else can beat: Telephone — synchronous one-to-one voice Email — asynchronous one-to-one text Instant messagingg — synchronous one-to-one text Blogging — asynchronous one-to-many text No other platform is even close to displacing any of these — especially email. For years, the talk has »

Bloggers Can Be Journalists

Thanks to Dick Costolo, zen master entrepreneur and all around righteous dude, who cited Publishing 2.0 as one of his favorite blogs in a WSJ piece about 10 years of blogging, I got asked to make a video. Choosing from a bunch of questions, I decided to go serious »

WordPress vs. Movable Type: Open Source Blogging Software Showdown

Movable Type has just released version 4.0 and reversed a decision that nearly killed MT 3.0 and led to the rise of WordPress — MT 4.0, currently in beta, will be released in open source later this year. (See Read/WriteWeb coverage.) The interesting question is how the »

New York Times Live Blogging And The Transformation Of Journalism

I just went to the New York Times homepage and saw that political reporter Katharine Seelye is “live-blogging” the democrat’s New Hampshire Debate. Newspapers and other mainstream media have had blogs for quite a while, but this strikes me as the moment when blogs officially went mainstream and when »