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Is News Coverage On The Web Becoming Like Consumer Packaged Goods?

The more I think about the issue of redundant news coverage on the web, the more I’m both perplexed and fascinated. Read the following on Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Connect — seriously, read it all: Can Facebook Build a Better Passport It didn’t take long for Facebook to »

Evolution Of Journalism: Blog Posts Complement Traditional Print Articles

I’ve argued that a blog is just a content management system, which can be used to publish journalism or just about anything else. But as a practical matter, the conventions of blogging — e.g. fast publishing, conversational tone, expressing opinion, linking — mean that a blog in the hands of »

The Scourge Of Blog Comment Spam

Let me begin with an open appeal to Akismet, provider of comment spam protection to Publishing 2.0 and many other blogs run on WordPress: Howard Owens is NOT spam Every time Howard Owens leaves a comment on Publishing 2.0, it gets caught in the WordPress Akismet spam filter. »

Can Blogs Do Journalism?

On the face of it, the question of whether blogs can do journalism is absurd — like asking whether sites published on Vignette can do journalism. A blog, after all, is just a content management system — revolutionary because it made web-native publishing free and easy for anyone — but at the end »

Blog Feeds Have Garbage Subscriber Just Like Magazines

It’s really stunning how the more things change the more they stay the same in media. Blogs, perhaps the archetypal new medium, are showcasing their feed subscriber numbers, which turn out to be potentially rife with garbage, just like magazine subscriber lists. What’s worse, just like the magazines »

Disincentives For Gaming The TechMeme Leaderboard

Every ranking system is at risk for gaming, and the TechMeme Leaderboard is no different, as Dave Winer points out regarding today’s pile on to Jason Calacanis Web 3.0 meme. (Ironically, Jason himself anticipated the problem when the Leaderboard debuted.) This was a problem before the Leaderboard, but »

Problem With FEC Exemption Of Blogs: You Can't Follow The Money

The Federal Election Commission reaffirmed a decision from March of last year that blogs are media entities and are therefore exempt from FEC oversight, like other media. The exemption applies to blogs that are not “owned or controlled by a political party, committee, or candidate.” But here’s the problem »

New York Times To Fold TimesSelect Presaging The Death of Paid Content

The New York Times has reportedly decided to abandon TimesSelect, its experiment with paid content on the web. This comes as no surprise since the pay wall was controversial, both internally and externally, from the beginning, but it’s even less surprising when you look at the fundamental economics of »

Fake Fake Steve Jobs On

It’s not surprising that someone finally unmasked the author of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs AKA Fake Steve Jobs. It’s not really that surprising either that Fake Steve turned out to be an “old media” journalist who’s been fooling all the “new media” geeks. It’s »

Should Newspapers Become Local Blog Networks?

Chicago Tribune just relaunched its website with, of course, more blogs — A LOT more blogs — news, entertainment, sports, living, business travel, with multiple blogs in each category. It struck me that this is more than a “me too” step, as it was last year , when launching a blog was how »