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All Blogs Are Publications And All Bloggers Are Publishers

Responding to the continuing uproar over the Federate Media Microsoft People Ready ad, Fred Wilson asserts that his blog is just him, i.e. it’s not a publication and therefore he doesn’t have to follow any rules: 1 – this is my blog, not a publication, and not representative »

CBS Acquires Wallstrip Instead Of Creating It

What’s striking about the news that CBS has acquired the video blog Wallstrip (congratulations, Howard) is not that a content startup can get successfully acquired, but rather that CBS had to buy it rather than build it. Here’s how Fred Wilson describes the startup process that Howard Lindzon »

Users And Abusers of Online Publishing

How foolish would someone sound in 2007 making a sweeping generalization about what people do with websites? Probably about as foolish as making sweeping generalizations about what people do with printing on paper — and as foolish as making sweeping generalizations about what people do with blogs. A blog, after all, »

Why Journalism Matters

By now we are all quite familiar with the upside of blogging — free, easy-to-use software and the powerful network effects of the web have enable thousands of people who might never have had a voice back in the days of scarce publishing resources to have their voices heard far and »

The Truth About SEO

When a controversy foments to the point where both sides are shouting at the top of their lungs and can’t even hear each other, the truth is typically somewhere between the two extremes. Such is the case it seems with search engine optimization, or SEO. Jason Calacanis thinks that »

Blogs Have A Big Problem With Small CPMs

Chris Anderson highlights the tiny direct cash return that Guy Kawasaki earned on his first year of blogging: $3,350 at a CPM of $1.39. That’s a pitiful CPM by mass media standards — and it’s totally wrong. The way media has traditionally worked, the more “pure” the »

Content Businesses Don't Scale Anymore

Can anyone think of a content business — meaning a company that produces original content — that has scaled dramatically in recent years? I can’t. Look at the businesses that have scaled — Google, MySpace, YouTube — all platforms for content, but not producers of content. Compare those to original content businesses like »

YouTube, Google, and Rumors vs. Truth in the Blogosphere

Mark Cuban posted an interesting theory about the YouTube/Google deal from an “anonymous author.” The self-described “experienced veteran in the digital media business” characterizes the theory like this: Some of this is based on talks with people involved and some is speculation based on my experience working in the »

If You Can't Tell Whether Something Is An Ad, That's Deception

People don’t like to be deceived. When they think they are looking at noncommercial content, and you give them an ad instead, that’s deception. That’s why Wendy’s took flack for circulating ads on YouTube that were not clearly discernible as ads. And that’s why PayPerPost’ »

Can I Please Blog Your Private Meeting?

The Sanctimonious-sphere is all up in arms because Nielsen BuzzMetrics asked attendees of their CGM summit this week not to blog. I attended the summit, and I respected their request not to blog — and I think the request was perfectly reasonable. Why? Because it wasn’t an open “conference” — it »