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The Future Of Online Advertising: Entertainment vs. Information

There are two principal ways advertisers are trying to create value for consumers on the web — and they must create value because, you know, consumers are in control. On the web, advertisers can provide entertainment or information. How effective is advertising as information on the web? See Google’s $15B »

Can Social Networking Make Teens Drink More Sprite?

Now that every man, woman, and child can create their own media, and even their own media platforms, it’s not surprising that consumer brands are also creating their own platforms. So when you read that Sprite is createing a social networking platform for mobile phones, you have to smack »

AOL Targets Premium Brand Advertisers By Running Fewer Ads

AOL announced a strategy to increase ad revenue by reducing clutter in order to attract higher CPM ads, i.e. they’re going run fewer ads (via MediaPost): The counterintuitive plan–presented Thursday by the company’s Chairman and CEO Randy Falco and Chief Operating Officer Ron Grant during a »

Beware the Digital Generation's BS Detector

Here’s some deep irony to start the week — the digital generation is more likely than older generations to think that brands who put consumers in control of their brand messages (i.e. consumer-generated advertising) in an effort to be more “authentic” are actually full of s–t. According to »

Brands As Media

Here’s a statistic to put a chill the heart of any online content or web app business looking to ride the wave of consumer advertising shifting online (via AdAge): Corporate and brand websites — once derided as “brochureware” in a digital marketing world that quickly moved to sexier applications — are »

The Deeply Painful Growing Pains of Online Advertising

Everybody is betting on the future of online advertising, but catching up on reading for this week, I was struck again and again by how deeply painful the growing pains are… The Internet Advertising Bureau has launched an ad campaign to “convince” advertisers to spend more money online (via MediaPost) »

The Deep Structural Problem of Advertising 2.0

In the standing-room-only Web 2.0 Summit workshop sessions on the future of marketing and Advertising 2.0, the belief that the revolution will be funded by advertising came face to face with the deep structural problems of advertising in the digital age. The poster child of both the promise »

Engagement Is a Euphemism For Measuring the ROI of Brand Advertising

Last week I attended the Consumer Engagement Conference, put on by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA), where I discovered that the word “engagement” — which is being proffered as a new “output” metric for advertising to replace outdated “input” metrics like Gross Rating »

The Fuzzy Middle Between Branding and Direct Response

As advertising dollars continue their inexorable march from offline to online, the battle for control of those dollars will be fought over the fuzzy middle ground between branding and direct response. I can’t count how many times at the OMMA conference I heard someone say it “depends on the »