Collective Intelligence

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How Will Twitter Affect Search?

Blogging and search have been good to each other overall. Bloggers have cranked out millions of links, which drive search algorithms, and in turn search has rewarded bloggers by ranking their content high in search results, which is to a large degree a function of bloggers giving each other so »

A Digg On Digg Has Become Meaningless

As Digg increasingly confronts the spectre of spam and gaming of the system (Tony Hung has the latest round), Kevin Rose and Co. have been forced to add increasing complexity to the Digg algorithm, to the point where the value of a Digg on Digg has become so opaque as »

AOL/Netscape's Big Web 2.0 Test

On the face of it, the news that AOL/Netscape is launching a Digg killer suggests that if Digg, Reddit, and other imitators had a chance to sell, they should have taken it. It also suggests that Web 2.0 start-ups may be vulnerable to the goliath media companies with »

2.0 Needs to Help Me FIGURE OUT What I Want

Ever since I began my “2.0” indoctrination, I’ve had this nagging feeling that something wasn’t right — I knew it had to do with the problem of too much choice and with the unclear returns on the effort of 2.0 participation. But despite much writing and reading, »

Do We Need Professionalism In Media?

Do we need professional journalists, editors, and publishers to help filter the sea of information and help keep us informed — do they have a place in Media 2.0? Most Web 2.0 advocates would argue, NO (we don’t need no stinkin’…)! This school of thought embraces what I »