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Google Friend Connect Disabled By Facebook

Google is taking a big shot at Facebook in the PR war over data portability and social network interoperability. I signed in to Google Friend Connect, implemented on the Go2Web2.0 blog, and saw this: Normally, you wouldn’t list a service that isn’t a partner, but in this »

Dear Web Applications: Where Are My Files?

What’s wrong with the “friends connection” programs announced by Facebook, MySpace, and Google? Many people have been trying to explain the principle of data portability as if it were a new concept, but it’s actually not. It’s been on our PCs for years. Think about the applications »

Decommoditizing Social Networks By Connecting User Profiles Via OpenSocial

Why isn’t Facebook a founding member of the OpenSocial Foundation, along with Google, Yahoo, and MySpace? Because Facebook is threatened by OpenSocial’s ultimate aim of connecting user profiles and enabling users to easily manage and port their data across any social network. Facebook is worried that this will »

Creating Customized Social Networking Applications For Business

I wrote a while back that Facebook is not for business, i.e it’s not clear how an application designed for socializing among students could be used — without any customization — by professionals. There a bit of data and more buzz coming out that offers support for that thesis. Users »

The Coming War Over Data On The Web

If you dig beneath the surface of the brouhaha over Robert Scoble getting his Facebook account suspended for testing a new Plaxo Facebook app that mines user email addresses in violation of Facebook’s terms of service, you’ll find evidence of two increasingly apparent realities about the future of »

Email And Cellphone Contacts Are The Real Social Graph

Google has been quietly rolling out social features across all of its services based on Gmail contacts. While Google still has to overcome some of its social tone-deafness (e.g. automatically adding contacts without asking), this move makes perfect sense. For people over 30 (and probably even over 25) email »

Did I Invent Facebook Beacon?

I came across a post I wrote last summer about Facebook monetization and was horrified to read the following: What if there were a way for companies to identify which Facebook users were actually using their products, and then create a mechanism for the users to highlight their use of »

Email Lives, Walled-Garden Site Mail Is Dead

So email is, you know, dead because everybody communicates through Facebook and other social networks. Rights. That must be why Facebook finally caved in to user pressure to stop the madness of sending Facebook site mail notification to users’ email — without actually sending the text of the site mail message! »

Facebook's Crisis Demonstrates That People Matter More Than Technology

As with Facebook Beacon’s implosion, the PR tailspin of Facebook itself is more interesting for what we can learn from it than why it is happening. What’s most interesting about Facebook’s downturn, as Josh Quittner observes, is that there’s nothing wrong with the technology: The really »