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Facebook Beacon: A Cautionary Tale About New Media Monopolies

Facebook Beacon, currently in the process of going down in flames, is a classic case of overreaching. So much has been written about what’s wrong with Beacon — blatant privacy violation, lack of blanket opt-out, failure to make it opt-in, gathering data from non-Facebook users — but I haven’t seen »

Facebook's Vulnerabilities

Facebook has a shot at being the first web company since Google to build a really big BUSINESS, not just a big user base. But Facebook has a number of vulnerabilities, which are worth pondering as we also ponder its huge potential. I’ve written before about some of these »

Facebook, Defined Networks, and the Inverse of Metcalfe's Law

“The value of a social network is defined not only by who’s on it, but by who’s excluded.” This quote is from futurist Paul Saffo in an Economist article that makes a contrarian case for Facebook, in part by arguing that as social networks grow, they will eventually »

Facebook Is NOT For Business

Facebook’s closed platform and data lock-in are coming under siege from Dave Winer and others. It’s time to call another Facebook foul — the notion that Facebook is suddenly a killer app for business that will unseat LinkedIn, simply because Facebook opened its doors to everyone. Yes, Facebook Platform »

Questions About Facebook And Twitter

Here are some questions about Facebook and Twitter arising from my ongoing web communication experiment. Feel free to answer any or all — although most of you reading this likely won’t answer any, because you’re in passive media consumption mode, as are most people. (Nothing wrong with that — being »

Web Communication Experiment: First Round Goes To Twitter

After one day of experimenting, I’m already addicted to Twitter. I get it now. It’s really an elegantly designed application: See everyone who is following you Follow them with one click Address message to specific people with @ I also get the 140 character limit now — it keeps you »

Web Communication Experiment: Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

With some wickedly smart and prescient people having invested in Twitter and with Jason Calacanis having quit Facebook (high profile anti-hype is always an interesting sign), I’m going to invest some time in trying to figure out how to maximize the utility of these two applications, particularly for communicating »

Facebook Is A Killer App For Limited Asynchronous One-To-Many Communication

Each killer communications app has a unique core value proposition that nothing else can beat: Telephone — synchronous one-to-one voice Email — asynchronous one-to-one text Instant messagingg — synchronous one-to-one text Blogging — asynchronous one-to-many text No other platform is even close to displacing any of these — especially email. For years, the talk has »