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Content Doesn't Matter Without the Package

In response to the launch of Google’s Fast Flip, I observed that Google is correctly focused on creating a new user interface for news, when most media companies are not. A lot of people responded that Fast Flip is not an innovative or effective UI for news — which may »

The market and the internet don't care if you make money

The title of this post comes straight from the mind-blowing mind of Seth Godin, preaching to the book industry (promoting his book Tribes), but he could just as easily be preaching to anyone in media: [T]he market and the internet don’t care if you make money. That’s »

Google Friend Connect Disabled By Facebook

Google is taking a big shot at Facebook in the PR war over data portability and social network interoperability. I signed in to Google Friend Connect, implemented on the Go2Web2.0 blog, and saw this: Normally, you wouldn’t list a service that isn’t a partner, but in this »

What Magazines Still Don't Understand About The Web

Since I already drilled a nerve with What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web, which is on its way to becoming one of my most linked posts ever — and since everyone loves a sequel — I thought I would do a follow up for magazines. The lessons, of course, »

If Your Users Fail, Your Website Fails, Regardless Of Intent Or Design

On the web, in the age of Google, design has no margin of error, and there are no stupid users, only inadequate designs. Those were the main points of my critique of newspaper websites generally, and in particular, which to be fair, apply to all online publishers, and »

Dear Advertiser: Your Ad Sucks!

Why is Google transcendent and Yahoo a takeover target? Compare the following: Sue Decker, president of Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), addressed the advertising industry during a keynote this morning at the 2008 Advertising 2.0 New York conference. “Yahoo! is helping to accelerate the transformation of how display advertising is »

The Future Of Online Advertising: Entertainment vs. Information

There are two principal ways advertisers are trying to create value for consumers on the web — and they must create value because, you know, consumers are in control. On the web, advertisers can provide entertainment or information. How effective is advertising as information on the web? See Google’s $15B »

Forget Disintermediation, Focus On Open Data Exchange

For years Digg has had an active comment community, where the comments are submitted and appear on the Digg landing page, rather than on the article linked from Digg. FriendFeed got into this game by making it possible to comment on content pulled in from multiple web services, where all »