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Apple Wins: Verizon Is First Wireless Carrier To Open Network

When Apple launched the iPhone exclusively on AT&T’s crumby edge network — and I refused to buy one for that reason — I predicted that Apple’s real endgame was to break the wireless carriers’ stranglehold on handsets, so that Apple could sell iPhones on any network. Sure enough, »

Beware Hostility Towards Users

The most striking aspect of the reactions to my “Mobile Web Sucks” post — which was much more about my own frustrations as a USER than any kind of industry analysis — was the overt hostility that many respondents displayed towards me as a user of the mobile web, and to the »

Mobile Network vs. Mobile Device

This weekend we drove from our home in Leesburg, VA to visit my wife’s family in Staten Island, NY. Along the way, we passed through rural areas of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. I had my laptop with me, which we used while we were driving. I used my »

iPhone Is Not Competing With Blackberry (Yet)

I presented at an internal conference for the interactive division of a major media company this week, and among all the conference attendees, I didn’t see a single iPhone. Not one. It was wall-to-wall Blackberries, including many Blackberry 8830s, which have only been out for a month, so it’ »

My iPhone Test Drive

Ok, so shame on me for writing so much about the iPhone without actually having used it, but I fixed that today by spending a couple of hours in an Apple store playing with the iPhone. Granted this is much more limited than the experience of long-term use, but it »

iPhone Reality Check

I took a lot of flack for suggesting that iPhone buyers were blind to the significant impact the poor AT&T network would have on their experience and that, despite this (or rather because of it), iPhone would be so successful it would give Apple the leverage to fundamentally »

This Post Is Viewable Only On iPhone

No, I’m not turning Publishing 2.0 into an iPhone-only blog, but the debate over how revolutionary the iPhone is as a media device and as a mobile device on the AT&T network is as at the white hot center of the evolution of media. Fascinating, to »

How Apple Will Use The iPhone To Take Over The Wireless Industry

Steve Jobs isn’t stupid. He knows that AT&T Wireless sucks. So why lock the revolutionary iPhone into a crappy network? Because Jobs knows that everyone will buy an iPhone anyway, even if they hate the network. And that, as Umair points out, shifts all the power to »

iPhone Blindness

This is a follow-up to my post on why I didn’t buy an iPhone, i.e. because the AT&T network sucks. I’ve been amazed at how the iPhone has caused so many tech commentators to be blind to the network problem. Valleywag’s iPhone scorecard really »

Why I Didn't Buy An iPhone: The Network

I just bought a Blackberry 8830 from Verizon, forgoing the opportunity to be among the first iPhone owners. This decision surprised me because I had been eagerly looking forward to the iPhone after praising it as a truly innovative product, despite much tech geek snarking. And now that the mainstream »