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Watershed Moments In The Publishing Industry's Radical Transformation

Here are some watershed moments that mark the radical transformation of the publishing industry to a non-print-centric business: 1. New York Times becomes an aggregator The New York Times, paper of record and one of the last great bastions of the belief that one entity can create all the content »

Do MySpace Users Care That It's Not Really THEIR Space?

Last spring I wrote a post “Has The MySpace Downturn Begun?” Dan Mitchell at NYT picked it up in a piece “MySpace No Longer Their Space?” My post was purely speculative and, not surprisingly, completely wrong. But the fact remains that MySpace belongs to News Corp, not MySpace users, which »

Reinventing The News Business Requires A Little Imagination

There seem to be two principal reactions to the collapse of the print classified business that is destroying the print newspaper business. The first reaction is to insist, as San Francisco columnist David Lazarus does, that people should pay for the news. The second reaction is evident in the report »

Is Content Still A Business?

Is it possible that the future of the content business is worse than being less profitable and worse even than not scaling anymore — is it possible that content creation will cease to be a business? I was struck by this quote from a music business manager in the WSJ article »

Why Online Advertising Economics Are So Messed Up

We’ve all heard that page views are dying. Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed pointed out a few weeks ago the problem with scaling an online advertising business based on revenue per thousand page views, an analysis which has now been picked up by the Dan Mitchell at the NYT. Jeremy’ »

Media Meditation: What Is The Value Of YouTube In 2007?

Here’s a koan for everyone in media: YouTube had revenue of $15 million is 2006; what is the value of YouTube in 2007? If you’re not familiar with koans, this is from Wikipedia: A kÅ�·an is a story, dialogue, question, or statement in the history and »

The Great Media Industry Schism

The once monolithic media industry is undergoing a radical schism, dividing itself into content creation, on the one hand, and content aggregation and distribution on the other. The nature of this transformation suddenly crystallized for me when I read Tom Foremski’s piece on the new West Coast/East Coast »