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What Microsoft Buying Yahoo Really Means

Perhaps you don’t need any more explanations of the significance of Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo, but I don’t want to lose my media/tech blogger license, so here’s mine. Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo is akin to newspaper industry consolidation over the last few years »

Memo to Google: Buy Yahoo!

Why should Google buy Yahoo? With the exception of search, Yahoo’s strengths map to Google’s weaknesses, almost precisely. Consider the following: Yahoo! Mail, which accounts for almost 50% of the free email market, has more than 10 times the market share of Gmail; Yahoo! Answers is a major »

Google Makes Gears Offline Access An Open Source Platform To Attack Microsoft

Google has finally taken a major step to bring online applications into the mainstream — by making them available offline. Despite less-than-credible denials, Google will now be competing overtly head-to-head with Microsoft Office. But Google isn’t content to just compete with Microsoft for control of the office application market — after »

Software Is Media And Microsoft Is Now A Media Company

Google may be forever denying that it is a media company (and an ad agency), but Microsoft is embracing the transformation of software into media and the overall convergence of media and technology. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s senior vice president and chief advertising strategist, said in reference to denying rumors »

The New Vertically Integrated Media And Advertising Companies

It’s clear now that the media and advertising industries, which thanks to Google and Web 2.0 now include the software industry, will be dominated by a new breed of company — the vertically integrated media and advertising company. Google’s AdWords created a new model by combining a media »

Microsoft And Yahoo Combined Can't Beat Google

Perhaps there are good reasons why Microsoft should acquire Yahoo, but beating Google probably isn’t one of them. The reason is simple: Microsoft and Yahoo have businesses that leverage the online network. Google increasingly IS the network. AdSense is the largest content network in the world, and Google’s »

How Has Google Changed the Software Industry?

Google has clearly transformed the software industry’s approach to business models, as evident in the hundreds of online software companes (i.e Web 2.0) planning to “monetize” through advertising. But Google may also be influencing the software industry in less obvious but equally significant ways, through its ethos »