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Real Teen Social Networking: In Person With Cellphones In Hand

I’m sitting next to a table full of teenagers in Panera Bread, and they are engaging in a form of social networking that you rarely read about these days — hanging out and talking to each other IN PERSON. What’s also notable is that every one of them has »

Apple Wins: Verizon Is First Wireless Carrier To Open Network

When Apple launched the iPhone exclusively on AT&T’s crumby edge network — and I refused to buy one for that reason — I predicted that Apple’s real endgame was to break the wireless carriers’ stranglehold on handsets, so that Apple could sell iPhones on any network. Sure enough, »

Technology Innovation Is Driven By Deep Dissatisfaction

A couple months ago I wrote that the mobile web sucks, based on my own user experience that didn’t seem to match the hype. Some people agreed, but a lot of people defended, passionately, the mobile web. Today the New York Times published some interesting data: But at a »

Five Reasons Why The Mobile Web Sucks

I’ve had it with all the hype about mobile being the next big thing — more to the point, I’ve had it with the mobile web. Here are five reasons why the web on the go still has a long way to go. 1. Wireless carrier networks are SLOW »

Mobile Network vs. Mobile Device

This weekend we drove from our home in Leesburg, VA to visit my wife’s family in Staten Island, NY. Along the way, we passed through rural areas of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. I had my laptop with me, which we used while we were driving. I used my »