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Advertiser Online Now, Get a Free Ad In Print

Just saw this house ad on A print ad offered as added value for online advertising. Now THAT’S a reversal. Here’s more: NYT is trying to reverse the economic polarity of its business. Is this kind of offer a trend? »

New York Times Embraces Link Journalism

The New York Times has certainly embraced blogging, but it was striking to see in this post from The Lede just how much they’ve embraced link journalism: Scanning the financial press this morning, readers would have seen a disturbing yet familiar burst of oil news: rising prices, aghast lawmakers »

The Challenge Of Non-Local Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper brands like the NEW YORK Times, WASHINGTON Post, BOSTON Globe, etc. face a unique challenge in the online media age — how to value non-local readers. I received this offer in the snail mail this week from the New York Times: As I observed previously with my critique of the »

How Search Has Transformed News Consumption On The Web

We all know that news consumption is no longer passive, whether it’s reader comments on a blog post or news article, or individuals starting a blog to have a voice of their own — the evidence is everywhere. Less evident is how search has fundamentally changed how we consume news. »

JPMorgan Buys Bear Stearns: Following A Breaking News Story On The Web

Nothing like the biggest business story in recent memory — JPMorgan buys Bear Stearns for $2 (a share) — breaking on a Sunday to bring into sharp relief the difference between news on the web and news in print — not to mention differences in how news is presented on the web. What’ »

Radical Idea For News Sites: Show What's New On Your Homepage

What’s the most obvious sign that a traditional news brand is merely reproducing online what they do in print, instead of publishing in a way that makes sense for the web? They way news is organized on the homepage. Let’s compare three news site homepages — TechCrunch, Digg, and »

Evolution Of Journalism: Blog Posts Complement Traditional Print Articles

I’ve argued that a blog is just a content management system, which can be used to publish journalism or just about anything else. But as a practical matter, the conventions of blogging — e.g. fast publishing, conversational tone, expressing opinion, linking — mean that a blog in the hands of »

NYTimes.Com Aggregates Third-Party Content, Marks Transformation of Media wasn’t the first traditional media brand to aggregate third-party content — and it certainly won’t be the last. But the New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, represented one of the last bastions of the traditional media approach to content, i.e. we produce »

Traditional Media Sites Should Link To Third-Party Content

Linking to third-party websites used to be anathema to the traditional media mindset — why would we send people AWAY? We want to keep (read: trap) them HERE. Attitudes began to change when an online media company that did nothing but send people away started making billions in advertising (i.e. »