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Should Newspaper Companies Get Out Of The Newspaper Business?

Forget the bailout. I have a great new business model for Detroit automakers. Sell Toyotas and Hondas. Detroit already has the dealer networks. There’s great demand for Japanese cars. In fact, Detroit could retool all of their manufacturing plants to make Toyotas and Hondas. That proposal is similar to »

Advertiser Online Now, Get a Free Ad In Print

Just saw this house ad on A print ad offered as added value for online advertising. Now THAT’S a reversal. Here’s more: NYT is trying to reverse the economic polarity of its business. Is this kind of offer a trend? »

Dear Advertiser: Your Ad Sucks!

Why is Google transcendent and Yahoo a takeover target? Compare the following: Sue Decker, president of Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), addressed the advertising industry during a keynote this morning at the 2008 Advertising 2.0 New York conference. “Yahoo! is helping to accelerate the transformation of how display advertising is »

Why Traditional Advertising Formats Fail On The Web

As media companies struggle to figure out their digital future, the elephant in the room is that they have only been able to monetize online audiences for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional media. Here’s why: Traditional advertising formats FAIL on the web. By traditional advertising formats, I »

The Challenge Of Non-Local Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper brands like the NEW YORK Times, WASHINGTON Post, BOSTON Globe, etc. face a unique challenge in the online media age — how to value non-local readers. I received this offer in the snail mail this week from the New York Times: As I observed previously with my critique of the »

The Future Of Online Advertising: Entertainment vs. Information

There are two principal ways advertisers are trying to create value for consumers on the web — and they must create value because, you know, consumers are in control. On the web, advertisers can provide entertainment or information. How effective is advertising as information on the web? See Google’s $15B »

Why It's Good News If Google Is Vulnerable To A Recession

Tech bloggers and analysts had a collective cow yesterday over the news that January 2008 comScore data suggest clicks on Google’s paid search ads have stopped growing, which implies that Google may be vulnerable to a US recession already underway. Fred Wilson had a sober reflection on why he »