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The Underground Web Economy

I tried to visit this morning and instead ended up here: As much as we focus on the Web economy that operates in the sunshine, e.g. advertising on TechCrunch, there’s an entire economy that operates “underground,” e.g. pay-per-click ads on domain typo sites. *** »

Newspaper Online vs. Print Ad Revenue: The 10% Problem

How will newspapers shift their business center of gravity online the same way most have shifted their audience center of gravity? That is the question keeping every newspaper executive awake at night. Bill Keller, the New York Times Executive Editor and excellent editorial emissary, made the following comment in an »

Washington Post's Isn't Yet Hyperlocal Enough

On the heels of hyperlocal pioneer Backfence shutting down, the Washington Post has launched its own hyperlocal experiment —, a site dedicated to Loudoun County, a suburb of Washington, DC. (Thanks to Hashim for the tip.) It so happens I live in Loudoun County, and with that context, here’ »

The Poor State Of Online Display Advertising Relevancy

I was on the New York Times site just now and was a bit freaked out when I glanced at the adjacent ad: I live in Leesburg, and the ad knows this. What struck me is that I was “freaked out” even though I understand the geo-targeting technology that makes »

New Online Advertising Models: The Scalability Problem

Search advertising is probably the most scalable advertising platform in the history of advertising and marketing. But ten years into the promise of the web and new media to transform advertising into an ROI-driven marketing engine, the success of keyword-driven pay-per-click text ads is the exception, not the rule. The »

Is Google Search Advertising Deceptive?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is suing Google for deceptive advertising practices. I don’t know if the suit has legal merit, but it puts the spotlight on Google’s advertising formats (which are used by most search engines) and, given that this is a government suit, raises significant »

Ebay Free Classified Ad Site Kijiji Is Another Huge Blow To Newspapers

Poor newspapers. Their cash cow service, classified ads, is probably about to break a record for facing more competition from free services than any other in the history of paid services. Faceboook recently piled on to the Craigslist disruption of the newspaper classified market with a free classifieds marketplace. Now »

Yahoo SmartAds Tackles Online Display Advertising's Customization Problem

Yahoo has launched an advertising platform called SmartAds, which allows display ads to be customized “on the fly” based on a user’s behavioral profile, taking a significant step towards the long-promised but thus far poorly-delivered paradigm of total customization for online display ads. The product, Yahoo SmartAds, would help »

How Can MySpace Beat Facebook At Its Own Game?

By Robert Young Late last week, the Financial Times reported that MySpace was likely to respond to Facebook’s much-hyped F8 Platform initiative with its own third-party application/widget development program. Last week also brought forth an interesting debate, initiated by Jason Kottke via his aptly titled post “Facebook is »