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The Upside and Downside of Google's Newspaper Deal

Unbowed by its failed magazine print ad program, Google has cut a deal with 50 major newspapers to sell remnant print ad space to its enormous roster of AdWords advertisers. Here’s the upside and downside for Google and the newspaper industry: ** Upside** Google — Even if newspaper print advertising continues »

JPG Is An Elegant Publishing 2.0 Play

What content category benefits greatly from digital, web-based organization and distribution, but is best appreciated offline? If you said art photography, then you understand intuitively why JPG Magazine is such an interesting Publishing 2.0 play. The idea is elegantly 2.0: give the new breed of digital-technology-enabled pro-am photographers »

MySpace Should Let Users Create Their Own Magazines

I thought it was some kind of late summer April Fool’s joke — MySpace is looking into starting a print magazine. That’s right, a PRINT magazine. Other commentators have already made the obligatory comparisons to bubble era magazines from Yahoo, Ebay, and infamously from, and they’ve »

Print Publishing's Point of No Return

Scott Donaton has a column in Ad Age imagining the inevitable day when the Wall Street Journal will fold its print publication: I don’t have enough insight into The Journal’s economics to say when (or, with confidence, whether) the day will come when a print-to-digital conversion is economically »

Digital Editions of Print Pubs Are Publisher-Centric

There are only two plausible reasons to publish a “digital edition” of a print publication, as the New York Times is now doing in partnership with Microsoft: To prop up print advertising revenue by artificially increasing the “print” circulation through “digital distribution” To make a bucket of content, i.e. »

How Fast Can Google Grow Offline?

I’ve been very skeptical of Google’s Print Ad program since its inception. So I’m hardly surprised by the news from BusinessWeek that the program is a dud (thanks to David Utter for passing on the article): Carl D. Haugen, president of BluePenguin Software, spent $3,000 on »

The Death of TV Advertising

Everyone thought TiVo, with its ad-skipping technology, would lead to the death of TV advertising — but it’s actually the shift of audience and media value to digital media that is draining the value from broadcast media. Take Coldwell Banker’s new ad campaign in which TV plays an ancillary »

Google and Its Watchers Don't Get Print Advertising

Nathan Weinberg at InsideGoogle wants to know why Google has extended the deadline for its print ad program: Does this mean that responses and bids have been less than stellar, or that Google realized twelve days simply wasn’t enough time for most people to get their bids in? Can »

Google Tilts at Offline Advertising ROI

So Google thinks they can measure the ROI of advertising in offline media. Good luck! For years, Corporate America has been putting the screws to marketing departments to find a way to measure the ROI of advertising, but until recently the results have been mostly smoke and mirrors. One of »

Google Chases the Declining Print Ad Business

It’s entertaining to watch tech commentators, who know next to nothing about the dynamics of print advertising (with all due respect), assess Google’s new print advertising program. Does anyone writing about Google Print Ads today know who the Nielsen of print ad buying is? (hint: it’s MRI »

Shifting the Economic Center of Gravity in Media

It’s now conventional wisdom that the future of media is digital and on-demand — content creators no longer own the distribution channels. But the economic center of gravity in media has not shifted to reflect this change. The laws of media dynamics will force the center to shift — advertising dollars »