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The New Associated Press for the 21st Century

This week, at TechCrunch Disrupt, we’re announcing the launch of Publish2 News Exchange, a platform aimed at disrupting the Associated Press monopoly over content distribution to newspapers. With Publish2 News Exchange, newspapers can replace the AP’s obsolete cooperative with direct content sharing and replace the AP’s commodity »

What Newspapers Still Don't Understand About The Web

Why is Google making more money everyday while newspapers are making less? I’m going to pick on The Washington Post again only because it’s my local paper and this is a local example. There were severe storms in the Washington area today, and the power went out in »

Why I Subscribed To The Washington Post Sunday Print Edition

The Washington Post didn’t respond to my print circulation marketing challenge, but I just subscribed to The Washington Post Sunday print edition anyway. Why? I don’t think print newspapers are dead — they just need to radically evolve. But evolution is a process that has to start somewhere, and »

The Future of Print Publishing and Paid Content

Print is dead and all content wants to be free — two bogeymen of the digital age, with some edge of truth, but based on current visibility, still unlikely at those extremes. But it’s undeniable that the economics of print publishing are very different today than what they were before »

What Does Making The Transition To Digital Mean For Print Publishers?

How do print publishers know when they have successfully “made the transition to digital”? Here’s Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons: “We’re not looking to move our publishing company out,” Time Warner Chief Executive Richard Parsons said at the Merrill Lynch media conference in London. He added, “It can »

How Well Is Time Inc Managing The Transition To Digital?

Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore spoke yesterday at a Magazine Publishers of America event and gave evidence that Time Inc. is having some success in digital media — but she gave no evidence (at least none cited in the Ad Age coverage) that this success is compensating for challenges faced by »

New York Times vs. DailyCandy

Yesterday, there was the the news about a current and a former New York Times Digital executive joining DailyCandy, the successful email newsletter company targeting young women with the “ultimate insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered.” Today, there is the news about print ad revenue at »

Are Traditional Media Companies Like The Detroit Auto Industry?

When I read about the private equity buyout of the ailing Chrysler group from DaimlerChrysler, it immediately reminded me of another buyout of an ailing legacy player in a fast changing industry being driven by successful upstarts — Sam Zell’s buyout of Tribune. Thinking about it, I realized there are »