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The New Associated Press for the 21st Century

This week, at TechCrunch Disrupt, we’re announcing the launch of Publish2 News Exchange, a platform aimed at disrupting the Associated Press monopoly over content distribution to newspapers. With Publish2 News Exchange, newspapers can replace the AP’s obsolete cooperative with direct content sharing and replace the AP’s commodity »

Joining Publish2: Ryan Sholin, Greg Linch and Howard Weaver

Today we’re announcing three major additions to the Publish2 team — journalists whose stellar reputations speak for themselves: Ryan Sholin joins us next week as Director of News Innovation. Greg Linch is the winner of the Publish2 Future of Journalism Contest and will join us in the fall as our »

Announcing the "I Am The Future Of Journalism" Contest

Publish2 is launching a contest for journalists to promote themselves as the future of journalism. We believe journalism has a bright future, and we’re betting everything on that belief. The winner of the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest receives a prize that we know is increasingly valuable »

Publish2 In Private Beta

Seems like now would be an opportune moment to clarify the terms of Publish2’s private beta. It would be an understatement to say that it’s tricky to run a private beta for a user base that includes the same people who cover your industry and write about new »

Publish2 Gets Funded

Read Publish2’s funding announcement over at the Publish2 Blog. (Yes, you’ll have to click over to find out the details.) »

Reinventing Local News Distribution On The Web

Last month, four major newspaper companies announced a joint ad sales venture to “let national advertisers place ads on local Web sites with a single phone call.” When I read that, I realized suddenly why local newspapers are having so much trouble adapting to the web. There’s no such »