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Creating Customized Social Networking Applications For Business

I wrote a while back that Facebook is not for business, i.e it’s not clear how an application designed for socializing among students could be used — without any customization — by professionals. There a bit of data and more buzz coming out that offers support for that thesis. Users »

Reinventing Journalism On The Web: Links As News, Links As Reporting

A cornerstone of journalism has always been reporting what key sources say, put in context and given perspective, alongside reported facts. It’s time to reinvent that process on the web — make it dynamic — using the fundamental mechanism for connecting information and people: the LINK “Do what you do best, »

The Pace of Innovation in Journalism

How long does it take to launch an innovative new feature on a newspaper site? About 48 hours — that’s the standard set by innovative editors like Jack Lail at, Tom Meagher at Herald News, and Mark Briggs at About two weeks ago, I emailed Jack »

Publish2 Election News Network Update

Jack Lail, an editor and journalist with a deep understanding of the web, big vision, and a “let’s do it” innovator’s spirit, set out to publish “the best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet” — he rounded up a group of journalists and bloggers, set »

Join the Publish2 Election News Network

Publish2 is organizing a network of newsrooms, journalists, freelancers and network-affiliated bloggers to aggregate the best news coverage of the “Super Tuesday” February 5 U.S. primary elections, leading up to it and after. Publish2 is still in private beta, but we’re going to syndicate everything out via RSS »

Simplicity Drives Technology Adoption

I was talking to a newsroom last week about adopting Publish2 as an editorial platform for creating news aggregation features for their website — there was a lot of excitement about sketching a big vision, thinking about all of the possibilities. But in a follow-up email, we held hands around a »

Big News

Lots of big news today — here are the headlines: I’ve left Atlantic Media to co-found a new venture with Robert Young — Publish2, Inc (yes, the brand associations are quite intentional) — check out Introducing Publish2: Networked News, on the Publish2 blog. Robert will be now be blogging on Publishing 2. »