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Scaling Native Advertising

How will native advertising scale? That’s the question on the mind of every brand advertiser, ad agency, and publisher. Native advertising has emerged as a great hope for the future of advertising, to capture the billions of brand ad dollars expected to shift from TV, where mass audiences are »

Publish2 Update: Network Growth and New Business Model

From the Publish2 Blog: Many people have reached out to us recently and asked, “How’s Publish2 doing? You guys have been very quiet for the last few months.” That’s because we’ve had our heads down rolling out the full content distribution service that we announced last summer »

One Week Left To Enter The "I Am The Future Of Journalism" Contest

There’s one week left to submit an entry to the “I Am The Future Of Journalism” Contest. The deadline is December 30. We’ve gotten some great entries by journalists who are thinking creatively, passionately, and positively about the future. You can show your support for them by helping »

Why not writing a story is innovation

Discussions about journalism innovation usually focus on technology: Twitter, RSS, Flash, Django, data visualization, and all the other cool stuff that’s making online news so rich. But there’s an equally important conceptual aspect of journalism innovation. Newsrooms have to rethink the kind of stories they cover and the »

The New AP

Matt Thompson and Jeff Jarvis have been doing some important thinking on how news coverage needs to change in the Internet Age. They argue that a flow of shallow, time-dependent stories no longer works as a foundation for helping readers understand the world. Thompson started a blog devoted to exploring »

Publish2: The Web's Newswire

The web has become the vanguard of reinventing news distribution in the digital age. And while newspapers have often lagged in seizing new opportunities on the web, they have a golden opportunity to lead the charge in reinventing a foundation of the news ecosystem — the newswire. Newswires have traditionally been »

Google AdWords: A Brief History Of Online Advertising Innovation

All innovation looks inevitable, except while it’s happening. Google’s search advertising model didn’t spring forth fully formed. It was iterated, and many of the key concepts were borrowed — something many people don’t realize. But a few key market-defying decisions, and one stunning insight, made it all »