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Join The Web Content Conservation Movement

The other day Erick Schonfeld wrote a post about how he’s feeling even more overwhelmed by new web content steams like Twitter and FriendFeed, and how he’s desperately in need of a better filter. I certainly agree with Erick’s clarion call for a better filter — that’s »

Battle Of The Commodity Web Applications: It's All About People

Facebook has had an update feature similar to Twitter for a while. Now Facebook has a feature that lets users add feeds from other web services like Flickr and — just like FriendFeed. From a technology perspective, Twitter and FriendFeed are now reducable to Facebook features. Even if »

Apple Did Blow Up The Wireless Industry

The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry is the title of a story Fred Vogelstein story in Wired. Back in June, I wrote How Apple Will Use The iPhone To Take Over The Wireless Industry: Steve Jobs isn’t stupid. He knows that AT&T »

Five Guiding Principles For The Transformation Of Media Companies

Instead of the usual predictable predictions, I thought I would ring in the new year with five principles that I believe will guide the ongoing transformation of media companies. Networks are the new distribution channels Media used to be about controlling monopoly distribution channels. On the web, the network is » Drops TimesSelect, Focuses On Search And Link-Based Economy

The TimesSelect pay wall has officially been torn down. Does this mean newspapers should forget about paid content? Yes, if they want be part of the “conversation” and participate in the web’s link-based ecosystem and economy. Mark Potts makes a strong argument for why newspapers shouldn’t give up »

Big News

Lots of big news today — here are the headlines: I’ve left Atlantic Media to co-found a new venture with Robert Young — Publish2, Inc (yes, the brand associations are quite intentional) — check out Introducing Publish2: Networked News, on the Publish2 blog. Robert will be now be blogging on Publishing 2. »

We're All #1 On Technorati

I’ve thought for a while that Technorati serves no purpose beyond tracking inbound links and stroking egos. Today, Technorati unveiled the culmination of its ego-stroking strategy — we’re ALL #1 on Technorati: Check it out before they fix the bug and feel the joy of #1. »

SPONSOR MESSAGE: Syndicate Digital Editions With The NXTwidget

[![](]( 1. **What is NXTWidget?** The [NXTwidget]( is a web widget. Readers of a publisher’ »

SPONSOR MESSAGE: NXTbook Media - What Is a “Digital Edition”?

[![](]( As a way to kick off our sponsorship on Publishing 2.0, Scott suggested we write a “What is a »

Publishing 2.0 Sponsorships: Statement of Principles

As of this week, I have removed all ad networks from Publishing 2.0 and will be offering paid sponsorships directly to companies with products and services that are highly relevant to Publishing 2.0 readers. For a niche publication (e.g. on publishing, media, and technology), I believe there »

ElectionVine Is A Distributed Political Affiliation Meter

Newsvine launched a distributed presidential polling widget called ElectionVine, which is a very clever idea with a lot of potential — except that it won’t ever provide any insight into who is going to be elected president in 2008. I’ve worked with folks at The Hotline, Hart Research Associates »