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Facebook's Vulnerabilities

Facebook has a shot at being the first web company since Google to build a really big BUSINESS, not just a big user base. But Facebook has a number of vulnerabilities, which are worth pondering as we also ponder its huge potential. I’ve written before about some of these »

Facebook, Defined Networks, and the Inverse of Metcalfe's Law

“The value of a social network is defined not only by who’s on it, but by who’s excluded.” This quote is from futurist Paul Saffo in an Economist article that makes a contrarian case for Facebook, in part by arguing that as social networks grow, they will eventually »

The Assumptions That Yahoo Mash And Other Social Networks Make About You

Every application needs to make assumptions about its users, and for some people those assumptions will inevitably be wrong. Why is it, though, that so many social networks and other social applications assume that all social web users are not yet old enough to drink? That’s the first impression »

The Problem With "Friends" On The Social Graph

Think about all the different relationships in your life — parents, children, siblings, extended family, close friends, casual friends, acquaintances, closely collaborative colleagues, professional contacts, superiors, subordinates — our lives are an intricate web of relationships. Yet on the Web — with its capacity for near infinite complexity — these relationships have been reduced »

Facebook Is NOT For Business

Facebook’s closed platform and data lock-in are coming under siege from Dave Winer and others. It’s time to call another Facebook foul — the notion that Facebook is suddenly a killer app for business that will unseat LinkedIn, simply because Facebook opened its doors to everyone. Yes, Facebook Platform »

Questions About Facebook And Twitter

Here are some questions about Facebook and Twitter arising from my ongoing web communication experiment. Feel free to answer any or all — although most of you reading this likely won’t answer any, because you’re in passive media consumption mode, as are most people. (Nothing wrong with that — being »

Does Kevin Rose have the Next Big Thing in Social Networking?

I think Kevin Rose might be on the verge of something big, again. For those not familiar, Kevin is the founder of Digg, the social news aggregator that now boasts over 17 million unique visitors per month… and the latest to get into bed with Microsoft via its sweet ad »

Web Communication Experiment: First Round Goes To Twitter

After one day of experimenting, I’m already addicted to Twitter. I get it now. It’s really an elegantly designed application: See everyone who is following you Follow them with one click Address message to specific people with @ I also get the 140 character limit now — it keeps you »

Web Communication Experiment: Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

With some wickedly smart and prescient people having invested in Twitter and with Jason Calacanis having quit Facebook (high profile anti-hype is always an interesting sign), I’m going to invest some time in trying to figure out how to maximize the utility of these two applications, particularly for communicating »