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YouTube Hears The Users Calling and Agrees To Finally Give Them Some Money

Last summer, in It’s The Users Calling…They Want Their Money, I wrote: User-generated content is going through a novelty phase, where most “usersâ€� are content with attention as a form of recompense for their efforts. But for savvy “usersâ€� — or in this case video production »

Happy User-Generated Holidays

I’ll be mostly offline for the rest of the year. I’ll leave you with this “user-generated” holiday message — one of the “authentic” Coke-sponsored Holiday Wishcasts — seemed like an appropriate way to end 2006. Of course, this “user” is actually a director with 26,300 subscribers and 1,383, »

Social Media Is Becoming a Hardcore Marketplace For Traffic

At first, Google was just a search engine, but once it reached sufficient scale to be a meaningful driver of traffic, it became a hardcore marketplace for traffic — both one of its own (wildly successful) creation, in the form of AdWords, and one of the market’s creation, in the »

Publishing Video Online Still Hasn't Gone Mainstream

Turns out that the vast majority of “users” who “generate” video content don’t share it online (via MediaPost): IN A FINDING THAT UNDERSCORES the potential of a vast, untapped market for user-generated video, new research conducted by interactive agency Sharpe Partners indicates that more than half (54) percent of »

Copyright Holders Take Back Control from Consumers

There’s been a flurry of news about new video downloading services — BitTorrent, Wal-Mart, Time Warner — as copyright holders get busy taking back control from consumers. YouTube just cut a deal with Verizon that gives users so little control that the blogosphere couldn’t find enough pejorative adjectives to describe »

A Lot of User-Generated Content Is Really User-Appropriated Content

The widely-used and much reviled term “user-generated content” implies that somebody is making something. But the dirty little secret of “user-generated” sites like YouTube and MySpace is that much of the content is not made by the users themselves — it’s appropriated from someone else. So while everyone was watching »

Does All Advertising Want to Be Free?

Isn’t there an odd contradiction in all the thinking about new media? Individuals are now empowered to create content, to publish and have a voice without going through the old corporate hierarchy. You can blog and be heard, all for free, without asking permission. But what about brands? The »

Edelman, Wal-Mart and the Loss of Control in Media

It’s inevitable that a PR firm like Edelman would create a phony blog for one of its clients (in this case Wal-Mart — see Shel Holtz for a great analysis). For all of the hype over “conversation” as the new media paradigm, no one has yet figured out how to »

More Evidence That Media 2.0 May Be Less Profitable Than Media 1.0

There is now macroeconomic data to support the theory that Media 2.0 won’t be as profitable as Media 1.0 (from MediaPost): In a break from historical patterns, the equities research team at Merrill Lynch says the rate of advertising price inflation now trails the overall rate of »

The State of OMMA: Making It Up As We Go Along

Rishad Tobaccowala, CEO of Denuo, gets my vote for most honest, “let’s cut out the bullshit” keynote speech. Speaking at the OMMA Conference in New York, Rishad admitted what most media and advertising stalwarts are deeply afraid of conceding: we’re just making this shit up (see his keynote »

JPG Is An Elegant Publishing 2.0 Play

What content category benefits greatly from digital, web-based organization and distribution, but is best appreciated offline? If you said art photography, then you understand intuitively why JPG Magazine is such an interesting Publishing 2.0 play. The idea is elegantly 2.0: give the new breed of digital-technology-enabled pro-am photographers »