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Dear Web Applications: Where Are My Files?

What’s wrong with the “friends connection” programs announced by Facebook, MySpace, and Google? Many people have been trying to explain the principle of data portability as if it were a new concept, but it’s actually not. It’s been on our PCs for years. Think about the applications »

Forget Disintermediation, Focus On Open Data Exchange

For years Digg has had an active comment community, where the comments are submitted and appear on the Digg landing page, rather than on the article linked from Digg. FriendFeed got into this game by making it possible to comment on content pulled in from multiple web services, where all »

The Evolution From Linear Thought To Networked Thought

I was thinking last night about books and why I don’t read them anyone — I was a lit major in college, and used to be voracious book reader. What happened? I was also thinking about the panel I organized for the O’Reilly TOC conference on Blogs as Books, »

What Microsoft Buying Yahoo Really Means

Perhaps you don’t need any more explanations of the significance of Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo, but I don’t want to lose my media/tech blogger license, so here’s mine. Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo is akin to newspaper industry consolidation over the last few years »

Centeralization vs. Decentralization: What's The Value Of Twitter?

Although I haven’t had time to use Twitter recently, I’ve been following all the discussions about Twitter, because it’s become a flashpoint for innovative thinking about online communication and media. Twitter was much maligned for going down during Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote — I agree with Larry Dignan »

Email Is NOT Dead

The death of email meme is completely absurd. Email is NOT going to die because, as Charlie O’Donnell points out, EVERYONE HAS EMAIL. That’s why we all get so much spam and other useless email — because it’s a guaranteed way to reach us. Inboxes are getting flooded »

The Problem With "Friends" On The Social Graph

Think about all the different relationships in your life — parents, children, siblings, extended family, close friends, casual friends, acquaintances, closely collaborative colleagues, professional contacts, superiors, subordinates — our lives are an intricate web of relationships. Yet on the Web — with its capacity for near infinite complexity — these relationships have been reduced »

Will Facebook Platform Be The New Arbiter Of Web 2.0?

Facebook Platform is already having a huge impact on the crowded and competitive Web 2.0 start-uplandscape, most notably in the social music category, i.e. applications that allow users to share with others what songs they listen to and to discover new music by seeing what their friends and »