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What Microsoft Buying Yahoo Really Means

Perhaps you don’t need any more explanations of the significance of Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo, but I don’t want to lose my media/tech blogger license, so here’s mine. Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo is akin to newspaper industry consolidation over the last few years »

The Assumptions That Yahoo Mash And Other Social Networks Make About You

Every application needs to make assumptions about its users, and for some people those assumptions will inevitably be wrong. Why is it, though, that so many social networks and other social applications assume that all social web users are not yet old enough to drink? That’s the first impression »

Memo to Google: Buy Yahoo!

Why should Google buy Yahoo? With the exception of search, Yahoo’s strengths map to Google’s weaknesses, almost precisely. Consider the following: Yahoo! Mail, which accounts for almost 50% of the free email market, has more than 10 times the market share of Gmail; Yahoo! Answers is a major »

Will Google Acquire Facebook?

As speculation and chatter increases, the question of whether Google ends up buying Facebook is turning out to be one of the big questions of 2007. My bet is that there is already an offer on the table, and that Facebook is seriously considering it. I’m also willing to »

Yahoo SmartAds Tackles Online Display Advertising's Customization Problem

Yahoo has launched an advertising platform called SmartAds, which allows display ads to be customized “on the fly” based on a user’s behavioral profile, taking a significant step towards the long-promised but thus far poorly-delivered paradigm of total customization for online display ads. The product, Yahoo SmartAds, would help »

What Should Yahoo Do About Social Networking And Search?

The New York Times asks, “Should Yahoo stop trying to beat Google at its own game?” and VC Jim Breyer says, “They should take a hard look at the search business, and it may well be the right time to stop trying to out-Google Google.” Wow, that sounds awfully familiar »

To Beat Google, Yahoo Needs To Change The Game

In all the coverage of Terry Semel’s stepping down as Yahoo CEO to be replaced by founder Jerry Yang, there’s a standard reference to Yahoo’s failure to beat Google — and the implication that perhaps Yahoo can never beat Google. The main reason way Yahoo has lagged Google »

The New Vertically Integrated Media And Advertising Companies

It’s clear now that the media and advertising industries, which thanks to Google and Web 2.0 now include the software industry, will be dominated by a new breed of company — the vertically integrated media and advertising company. Google’s AdWords created a new model by combining a media »

WPP Acquires 24/7 Real Media To Compete With Google And Yahoo

I saw one of Google’s “agency relationship managers” give a pitch to a top agency, where she gave the standard line that Google doesn’t want to be an ad agency. I didn’t believe it for a second. And neither does WPP, one of the top agency holding »

Microsoft And Yahoo Combined Can't Beat Google

Perhaps there are good reasons why Microsoft should acquire Yahoo, but beating Google probably isn’t one of them. The reason is simple: Microsoft and Yahoo have businesses that leverage the online network. Google increasingly IS the network. AdSense is the largest content network in the world, and Google’s »